Dreams of Coyote and Herbal Apprentices!

It is common knowledge in the herbalist community, that herbalists are apprentices of each other and everyone for life. We study life, always open and available to expansion of our horizons. An herbalist can be a calling for anyone who is interested in self care, earth care, helping others and serving, whether oneself, family or community. In fact, it is usually how each and every herbalist gets his or her start…first with self, than expanding outwards to family, then community, and then flowing farther beyond the next horizon. A study of life includes soil, plants, animals, stones, geography, water, microbes, people, mountains, trees, sky, planets. It is a never ending study! In my own personal life, I spent years studying the human and animal anatomy, hoping to one day become a forensic pathologist or a veterinarian…however, my wild mushroom haunts as a tiny person haunted me far deeper, and life just magically happened to arrange the perfect circumstances to put me where I belong!

What does all of this mean? I ask myself this question, and this is what comes to mind. People have callings in their lives, everyone has a calling of some kind. We do not always see things so clearly, but it is helpful to always keep a curiosity about one’s own life, seeing how events lead people places where they always belonged in the first place. While life is one wild adventure, and we each have a real home, it’s always important to honor the coyote in life, what we have to learn next, and laugh when we are led right back to ourselves again, even if it was painful getting there!

Then of course, there is really no “there” in the first place, but that is a whole new discussion! I am a lifelong apprentice of many herbalists, and many herbalists of myself, and each person has their unique stamp of truth telling, helping, healing, and weaving joy into life. An up and coming herbalist is my son Hunter, an avid forager and plant identifier, he is also nearly as skilled as myself in the potion making department. If we’re going to have whole new generations of herbalists who are knowledgeable beyond rote book memorization, this is the moment in time. Herbal apprenticeships start with those who are interested at home. Better yet, just make it part of daily life so children know the edible and medicinal food that lies a foot outside everyone’s door. Lapsana communis L I’m talking about you! 🙂

Summer Michaelson, Community Herbalist

c) 2012 Summer Michaelson


Delivery is Delayed, Come Tomorrow!

For those of you comin’ to my house today, please don’t! Come tomorrow! Just got a call from our driver Mike, he is stuck somewhere and won’t be able to make it until tomorrow. Give me a ring a ding or an email if you want to talk!


Summer Michaelson

Herb Pantry Cleaning!!!

Today, I cleaned my herb pantry. My herb pantry is actually a re-purposed linen closet, filled with seeds, bottles, bags and jars of foraged, traded, gifted and sometimes bought plants. I’ve been a bit frustrated lately trying to find things in her depths, so today was the day! The kids and I (mostly the kids) unloaded every jar and bag from her shelves, and I was greeted with quite a mound of plants when I came home from today’s outings.

What a wonderful experience it is to clean and re-arrange an herb pantry. I was happy to find lots of hawthorn berries from a friend, lots of witch hazel leaves from another friend, lots of wild weeds, berries and roots the kids and I foraged from all over, and lots of herbs from our wild herb garden at home and saved seeds. All these invisible foods and medicines from friends, family, and my own hands. A little bit of knowledge that weaves the plant ways with people ways. A lot of relationship betwixt people and plants, this is what I call “My Family”.  My family includes you in my family, this is how it works! When I use these plant beings, this is the story about life that is read.

I’m thankful and feel such gratitude for cleaning my herb cabinet today!

Summer Michaelson, Community Herbalist

© 2012 Summer Michaelson

Down Home Medicinal Bee Love Workshop at Neighbor’s Market!

“Bee” the Love you want to create in the world! Come join this workshop that celebrates the healing power of the charming honey bee.  We will craft and create fragrant and medicinal love poems that aid our bodies and souls amongst conversation of how we can return the favor and protect the nations of bees.

This class will have interesting smells and things to taste. We will also have a potluck, please bring a dish to share, your own plate, fork, spoon and mug and stories!

Where: Neighbor’s Market

Date: Saturday, February 18th, 2012

When: 2:30 PM-4 PM’ish

Cost: $35.00




Azure Ordering Cut-off Tomorrow!!!

Yes, you heard right! The Azure ordering cut-off is tomorrow, Wednesday at 4 PM!

We have a MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale donated to the Azure drop for anyone who wants and a Navidi’s Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar.

If you have anything you would like to donate to the Share Orchards Inn, you can drop off here on Azure pickup day or drop somethin’ by there yourself if you want to check them out!

In our wet weather, I have spied chickweed about, so with all this rain, let us be thankful for all the blessings of the green that are appearing!

Summer Michaelson

It’s Azure Time!

Hi Folks!

It’s Azure time again! Ordering cut-off is in 5 days on Wednesday, January 25th with order pickup on Monday, January 30th, 2-8 PM. If you’re new to Azure, please send me a private email and I will send you the drop details.

Hope the New Year has brought good tidings so far, and if you are lucky enough to still have snow sticking, enjoy!

Summer Michaelson

Hungry For Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability Discussion Group

Neighbor’s Market in downtown Vancouver is a happen-in’ place these days! Come join a wonderful round table discussion group called “Hungry For Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability Discussion Group” where we take turns, as individuals from diverse backgrounds, sharing our food stories and knowledge with one another, and cross-fertilizing ideas on personal ways we can make changes at home. The world as we know it can change, one person at a time, one community, one group, one country, one world. Every individual that takes responsibility helps to heal and nourish the whole world!

The discussion starts at 7PM, down at Neighbor’s. Come join, it’s free!

Summer Michaelson

No Delivery Tomorrow! Please read and respond if it pertains to you!

I JUST got a call from our driver! He had the day off today and so is a day behind in his deliveries! He will be up here on Tuesday.

Also, I am headed to a meeting at Neighbor’s Market Tuesday evening, come join if you want!


It’s at 7PM, and I will be leaving here at 6:45PM at the latest. So pickups will have to be a bit shortened this time around! Pickup is from 2-6:30 PM. Of course, if this doesn’t work out for you, just let me know and we’ll work something out! If you need a late night pickup, I certainly can arrange that when I am home from the meeting! Or let me know ahead of time that you will be down for the Neighbor’s Market meeting, and I can load your order up in my car and take with!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!! A few more last minute notes…if you want to purchase any organic broccoli Tuesday, it is $1.93 a bunch, and only for those who ordered oranges, yours total for a third case is $7.66!

One LAST NOTE, I promise! If you get this email in time, please send a quick ‘I got it’ email back if possible! Anyone I do not receive a response from I will call in the morning! 🙂

Have a good sleep, even if Azure fairies aren’t dancing in your head!
Summer Gertrude Snicklegrove