Herbal First Aid: Burn Care Workshop!

This workshop is one in an ongoing series of Herbal First Aid Workshops offered by Herbalist Summer Michaelson that address various aspects of emergency and home healing. Participants will leave this Burn Care Workshop with an understanding of burns and their types, how the body heals with plants and ways to form a relationship with healing.  This hands on workshop is suitable for both those who wish to learn how to treat burns when medical attention is not available or out of reach, and suitable for those who wish to understand how to take care of oneself or a loved one at home, or desire understanding of how people took care of themselves before the invention of modern medical care systems, how to augment current medical care, broadening knowledge of the human being, and thus, being one’s own best advocate by having choice.

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012

When: 2:00-4:00 PM

Cost: $35.00 with pre-registration, $40 at the door

Location: Vancouver, WA (specific details sent with registration)

Registration: Send a message to lemonlotus@gmail.com to register!

How Life Works Things Out! :)

This is a sweet thing I want to share. Life has been absolutely hectic lately, it has been full, weird, with lots of plans, preoccupations and even problems. A couple weeks ago, I was becoming just a bit worried with a number of things, and I started devising plans to remedy the problems. Well, sometimes, things just work themselves out, and the way Life pulls together to make it so is positively amazing at times! It also seems, I have a lot of great teachers sharing their guidance with me, a sweet Husband, and lots of friends, life just can’t be better than that sometimes!

Our children are raising a few backyard chickens for meat. We started scratchin’ our heads when they refused all food but mainstream feed. They would not forage, and being Freedom Rangers, they are supposed to forage. We raise our food with care, and wanted them to be absolutely as healthy and happy as can be! So, I went about solving problems, and looking and trying new things. In the end, our problems were completely solved when our egg layer chickens found a way to break into their yard, and consistently ate all their food for three days, in an attempt to establish their dominance. Way to go ladies!!! Thus, our meat birds were forced to forage, accept home-made food and everything is fine! Don’t you just love it when Life steps in? Between the foraging and our home-made chicken food, their growing really well now, in a sustainable manner that gives back to the soil while keeping insect populations down, with lots of wild foraging, and able to live the real life of a real chicken, complete with respect and prayers for their eventual sacrifice.

For the Salmon Bliss Fish order, we had someone bail on a fish order, only to have a large community response to take over the unpaid fish order. A friend offered us to pick tons of tasty red raspberries and new leaves, another a basketful of chickweed, and others to cover farm errands and pickups while the Kids and I head out of town. Sometimes Life gives us problems, but if we do not get too immersed in the problems and step back a bit, suddenly, we have room again and Life solves the problems for us…this invisible helping hand that keeps us going where we need to go…what else is there to do but to be grateful?!!!

(c) 2012, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH