Important! Our group Fish Delivery Details!!!

The time is upon us Folks! Fish Delivery is now scheduled for Thursday, September 6th, late morning! We have about 55 families who joined us this year, so I would like to stagger pickup in batches of 10:15 AM and 10:30 AM. If you can volunteer for the fish divvying process, please contact me ASAP. Volunteers should be at my house about 9:45 AM! We do not have freezer space for fish storage, if you cannot make the pickup time please find a friend or family member who can pick up for you, or make arrangements to drop off a cooler filled with ice/ice packs and clearly marked with your name in the early morning. If you haven’t sent payment, please send your check or money order in the mail ASAP. Thank you for participating with our group this year! I will split the fish list in a bit, and send emails to everyone with their specific pickup time.

Thank you!!
Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Notice about NEW monthly Specials including August 2012 Class and Workshop Specials!!!

As a big THANK YOU to all those who support this Herbalist, in Workshops and Consultations! I want to extend some ongoing specials each month, that hopefully, helps take a bite out of costs for these amazing educational opportunities, whilst at the same time, helping me to continue to offer sliding scale to those who need it most, continue with ongoing herbal apprenticeships, and supporting a family. Each month, I will release a new “special”. As always, for those who truly need it, I do offer sliding scale and bartering and trading, and these will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Special for August 2012:

Register with a friend, and both may take $5 off any workshop fee! Promotion available only for pre-paid classes the entire month of August. Cancellation policy applies.

Plant Walk and Medicinal Talk Saturday, August 18, 2012!

Come join this Edible and Medicinal Foraging Class and learn about some of our August Neighbors! We will visit the plants directly, learn about ethical foraging and harvesting tips, discuss actions, and finish up with making some plant medicines. Please dress appropriately for the weather, and bring your own tea mug and water bottle. Class space on this one is limited, registration is required!

Date: Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time: 2:00PM-4:00 Pm

Cost: Pre-paid $35.00, $40 at the door.

What to bring: Snacks to share, own tea mug, water bottle, pen and paper, dress appropriately for warm weather.

Location: Provided with registration. This is a city walk, park, farm and forest walks announced soon!

August 2012 Specials: Register with a friend, and both may take $5 off any workshop fee! Promotion available only for pre-paid classes the entire month of August. Cancellation policy applies.

Little Garden Glories!

A small post from a bit ago, finally catchin’ up! BTW-the sun is HERE! 🙂

It’s already the end of June, the beginning of summer, and this Washingtonian is feeling the magic of summer sun just around the corner! We’ve had days of sunshine promises, interspersed with many cloudy, drizzly days, and the projects, gatherings, teachings and friendships have been growing in such volume, I’m lookin’ to just sitting in the sun when it comes, doing nothing, but surrounded by my friends (humans too)!

One of my late June friends is Lamb’s Quarters (Chenopodium berlandieri), an ancient local plant from the Amaranthaceae family. Some of it’s kissin’ cousins are quinoa and chia seed. The leaves and young stalks and shoots have a similar flavor to spinach. The mature, harvested seed is nutritious and yummy in soups or sprouted. Wonderful food to enjoy with wonderful company, garden friends and sweet chickens!

(c) 2012 Summer Michaelson

The Secret to having Cleaner Indoor Air and Beautiful Smells!

Holy Carnosa!

Recently, one of my most dearest of friends gifted me with a plant cutting, that is over 50 years old! She told me the name of it, but it slipped my mind. So, over the last few weeks, I took this unknown new plant friend with me room to room, not knowing her name or what her preferred lifestyle is. She sleeps next to me at night, 6 inches from my face on my bedside table. During the day I put in her my bedroom window for whatever sun she can absorb. Then, when her soil dries out, I move her to the kitchen where I delicately water her roots and let her sit on my kitchen bar top in indirect light. No matter where I put her, I feel that we belong together, and so, she travels with me from room to room. I clean the bathroom and take her there, where she cheers me up. I wash dishes in the kitchen, and I take her there and feel cheered by her closeness. I put her in my bedroom window in the mornings right before making my bed, putting away clothes, ironing, and everything. When I settle down for a read I move her to the bedside table, where we sleep together.

I find, that no matter where I put her, I feel happy and contented that she’s near, and she reminds me of my good friend! So, as this story meanders like a summertime creek, I catch up with my friend and ask her what the name of my precious plant. How’d I know it would be medicinal? All plants are of course!!! heehee It is a Hoya. A fifty some year old Hoya that has a new home, but is connected with my friends home genetically and her Mom’s home. So, I research my new little friend, and I find out she is a beautiful air purifyer! Hoya carnosa, or as I prefer, Holy Carnosa has a nose in it’s name, a nose for scented nectar of umbel flowers very precious. They are poisonous to eat I hear, yuck! Makes sense tho’, if they are magnificent for purifying pollutants from the air! I wouldn’t want to eat a pollutant remover, but I enjoy the other forms of this medicine plant. Is it Hoya carnosa or Holy Carnosa? What do you think?

(c) 2012, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

A Personal Discussion with Red Clover!

I received a comment about the red clover article, and I wanted to share with everyone some thoughts worth discussion…

>>>Blood clots are sometimes dangerous. Any blood clots in the body should always be evaluated by the doctor<<<

While the article itself, is based on all my own personal experience and trainings with Trifolium pratense, I wanted to take the time to explain how dangerous blood clots are. I had a severe blood clot in my neck vein (not artery). A piece fell off from this clot, and it dislodged itself backwards into my brain, causing a primary ischemic stroke and a secondary hemorrhagic stroke. I had been to the doctor two days before, but unfortunately, most blood clots are silent, and a trained professional often does not know of their presence. What’s interesting to me, is after 8 months of emergency treatment to remove my primary clot unsuccessfully with drugs and medical care, it took the resolve of moving away from that and two weeks of my own self administered, local, dooryard weeds that caused it to evaporate, with confirmation of this by MRI and MRV. I think it is wonderful how many options we all have! I am thankful that I was able to receive diagnosis with the use of advanced machines, even tho’ I had to first lose a large part of my physical functioning to receive this treatment which did not work, but gave me the blessing of finding myself in a completely different way. However, in the end, isn’t it just plain better to improve your circulation, prevent and dissolve clots that on a microscopic level appear everyday? We all have clots and cancers pop up everyday! Instead of a system of treatment only, a practice of prevention using common plants that do not have to be purchased, seems to me to be one of the primary blessings given to us in all of Creation. Go to a health professional when you are need of help, especially, emergency help. However, we should not be going to the doctor as a replacement to finding out how to live our best, healthy, soul-FULL lives. We live in a holistic relationship with the earth that provides our needs, strengthens our bodies, our souls, and our spirits, and rely on emergency medicine only in an emergency. The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still applies. The health of the American population is tragic at this time, and never has this nation been so far removed from the bounties of our common land. On top of that, we are then sold our health back to us, our water back to us and more in many forms. How would society look if it appreciated the Blessing of all life, our joy for each other, our health in wild foods and locally grown foods, grown with love in our gardens and the lands of our family farmers? How would our society look if we lived for the joy of life, accepting our blessings from everywhere? How many needless diseases and health ailments would we have, so that when a real issue related to constitution or age pops up, we can slide into that with acceptance knowing we lived a healthy life, and having strength to even feel joyful about that? From my perspective, common plants are a healing panacea, and they just didn’t show up on this planet with no relation to us humans. 😉 As one of my mentors has impressed deeply in my psyche, fractional people need a fractional life, and buy it. We’re all here alive, and whole people in a whole Creation. This may not be super popular, but I often wonder where the idea that our whole food, wild plants and herbs do not, or cannot heal, when I see them made into pharmaceutical medicines, patented in all sorts of forms, or repackaged in commercial supplements. I wonder, who wants us to know about them, and who doesn’t want us to know about them, even reach or access them? Nourishing abundance, and accepting our wild foods and wild medicines as allies in our lives, also benefits the soil and honey bees, who then pollinate almost all of our food crops, both wild and domestic. Simple, Common, Most Lovable, Most Adored!

(c) 2012, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Herbal First Aid: Burn Care Workshop!

This workshop is another in an ongoing series of Herbal First Aid Workshops offered by local Herbalist Summer Michaelson of Serendipity Plant Lore that address various aspects of emergency and home healing. Participants will leave this Burn Care Workshop with an understanding of burns and their types, how the body heals with plants and ways to form a relationship with healing.  This hands on workshop is suitable for both those who wish to learn how to treat burns when medical attention is not available or out of reach, and suitable for those who wish to understand how to take care of oneself or a loved one at home, or desire understanding of how people took care of themselves before the invention of modern medical care systems, how to augment current medical care, broadening knowledge of the human being, and thus, being one’s own best advocate by having choice.

Date: Saturday, August 11, 2012

When: 2:00-4:00 PM

Cost: $35.00 with pre-registration, $40 at the door

What to Bring: Snacks to share, Own Mug, Paper and Pen

Location: Vancouver, WA (specific details sent with registration)

Registration: Send a message to to register!

(c) 2012, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Red Salmon Bliss Community!

Here is a bit of a salmon share update!

I expect that our Fisher Family is heading back to Portland soon, and when they get back home with fish, they will set up a delivery date. Looking at last years delivery, we received fish at the end of August, year before beginning of September, so it’s going to be coming up super soon! 🙂
Our group order ended up being pretty hefty this year (yay!!!) so our Fishing Family decided to give us an additional discount! If you paid in full, you will be receiving a refund with your fish! If you are making the second payment, we can take that off the payment. I will email everyone individually with the balance owed. Please wait to send a check until you receive an email from me (Summer Michaelson) with your total due!
Blessings to all! Have a beautiful day! And as always, if any questions, email and I will do my best to help you!!!
Summer Michaelson, CH