Gratitude and Thoughts About My Experience of 2012

Gratitude is on my mind. As the year 2012 is approaching its close, I’m pondering this past year, both things that happened or are happening, and things that are not. As I reflect on who I am, where I have been, and where I am right now, I come to see how lucky I am to be my unique self in connection with so many people!

I feel like, in some aspects, I haven’t gotten enough done this year, or helped enough people, or even finished my website for herbal teaching. I’ve also had to draw more boundaries on personal time, so that I can accomplish what I am setting out to accomplish.

This isn’t all good or bad, really (so I remind myself)! However, I do wish I had gotten a bit more done. In this thought stream, I’m not adequately reflecting on what is, mostly, the most incredible and superb life I am living with my family. So in the hopes of starting off 2013 in a most loving and beautiful frame of mind, I’m gonna look at the good, and maybe that will stimulate everyone else to do the same! (We’re all good together, aren’t we?!!)

I spend a lot of time loving God. Point being, I’m grateful for life, and I feel so much love for God!

My Husband and I, after going through some very interesting experiences, have gotten heavily into a favorite life time hobby of rock-hounding, and have been setting up a lapidary workshop in degrees, refurbishing equipment, and moving closer to a full line jewelry studio. I don’t make jewelry, but Erik is a custom jewelry maker and carpenter by trades, and a robotics technician currently, and this is an exciting venture. Being honest here, Erik’s health isn’t able to work in the more physical trades, and to transition to this creative endeavor is taking a lot of will power for set-up, but he makes jewelry that is stunning for revealing any woman’s Goddess! Myself, a special science teacher in 6th grade, who was a lapidary fanatic, took me under his wing and stimulated a life long love of rocks and shaping…and here it is! Still evolving, but this is an area where we are putting so much of our energy.

I am about to start a brand new apprenticeship this coming year, and contemplating finishing up my degree to boot, just for the heck of it! Or, I may not, as I’m studying under a world class botanist and may just continue my hands on apprenticing for the rest of my life. I love the trades, apprenticing with others, and taking apprentices, seems so very right and an alternative circulating of education that isn’t reliant on conformity, but art. This is something keeping me VERY busy. I’m also attending classes with two other herbalists at this time, as well as teaching workshops and consultations. This has been an almost 20 year mission, of intensive self study and learning from other masters, and this excites me on my own journey of being of service.

Speaking of which, I am becoming a serious tree activist, on a very action oriented level. I have been a lover of trees since I recognized my first tree at age 2, a favorite Buck-eye tree. Some things never change, I suppose! Hungarians are tree lovers too, and I honor these heritages. Another curious thing that is happening, in a most serendipitous way, I’m finding my family was filled with farmers that settled all in this area, Centralia, Vancouver possibly, Washougal, Kitsap and more places! I’m on a hunt to find my family land so I may connect and bless it. What a journey of genealogy!

I’m also a full time homeschooling Mom, piano/sax/flute teacher, and teaching myself accordion, where I am composing ancient Hungarian tunes. Lovely stuff!

We’ve raised our own chickens, from peeps to dignified death, we raise layers, have a betta fish, a dog, and large gardens raising our own food. We also had another wonderful year with our favorite CSA, Storytree Farm!

We’ve lived much off our own forages this year with our friends, from medicinal and nutritional herb companions, apples, pears, plums, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, roses, roots and mushrooms, to name a few. I’m so glad we live in the PNW!

Friends and I who save seed, traded many seeds and I received many starts as a gift for the garden this year. I also thank Lemon Balm for her steadfastness in our yard!

We yarn bombed and painted our front trees along with other kids in the neighborhood, it was a beautiful tribute to love at our household, and the trees are still in artistic progress!

Our family and myself individually did some massive hiking this year among-st the yew near coastal beaches in Oregon, the Red Wood Forest in California, the Ochoco Mountains, Estacada Mountains,  around the Gorge and more places!

The World hasn’t come to an end yet, and that is tons to be grateful for! Happy 2013!!!

(c) 2012, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Azure Order Important Change for Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, Eggs, Coffee/Tea, Herbs, Salt, Shelter Donation, Workshop and Extras!

Hi Folks!

Much ado about holidays coming up and a long email with much info as things are popping right now! We have a holiday schedule change for this next Azure Delivery. The order cut-off for both Azure and Coffee/Tea orders and pre-order eggs is Monday after tomorrow, November 19th at 4 PM with delivery the next week on Tuesday, November 27th, with pickup back to semi-normal schedule of between 2-6 PM.
THANK YOU to Pat Wilson for bringing Bay Laurel Leaves to many member this past pickup day! If anyone would like fresh bay leaves, please hollar as Helen Sareen also has a bay leaf tree and has generously offered to bring some down to on Azure pickup to anyone who wants…THANK YOU!
Barbara Johns has a Lummi’s Fish order open right now, everyone on this list should have gotten a notice by now, but if not, please email me and I’ll forward her details!
For last Azure’s Bridgetown Coffee/Tea order, we made the group discount, with orders of 30 lbs of coffee plus tea orders. I thank everyone for pitching in to receive the discount and spread the delivery fee around! Actually, we’re saving on the delivery fee which got steeper, and Pat Wilson is back to picking up the order for the group. I find it amazing how people pitch in together to make things work! Also, there is a new coffee that is not on the listing below yet, but is available for order. Nordic Coffee is a full bodied roast from Bridgetown, and I am lovin’ it! Some of you received Nordic samples this last month with your order. Remember, Coffee and Tea order deadline coincides with the adjusted Azure holiday schedule…please get orders into Pat Wilson by Monday, November 19th. Let’s try for the group discount again! Bridgetown Coffee and Tea List follow at the end of this email!
Himalayan Sea Salt Split is ON again! Many of you are interested in ordering this again, so opening a bulk bag of it for $1.60 a lb! It may be going on sale this month too, and may end up slightly cheaper than $1.60, we’ll have to wait and see! This salt is gorgeous, with dark red flakes in it. If anyone else wants to split anything, hollar, and let’s see what we can pull off for the holidays! 
Owl Ridge Farm will have more eggs available for purchase this Azure Delivery Day. Pre-orders will be filled first, then it is first come, first served. Organic, free ranged in a huge pasture with access to every imaginable edible, much of their feed is hand grown and all of it is hand prepared. Amazingness on your plate! $6 a dozen! 
Thank you to all who supported Benjamin’s Organic Egg Shop this 2012 season! Ben is quite happy with his micro-business, and looks forward to providing a few eggs here and there in the 2013 season when two of the younger Ameraucana’s join the egg layin’ team, and the other gals finish their molt. 🙂 This was a very special support for my son, and I am really appreciative of the joyful comments he has received and it all is a great encouragement for him. He is learning to divide the profits between future chicken food, a new chicken water-er and a little pocket change. 
Koya Designs will have her wonderful Christmas offerings available this Azure Day, a list will be out shortly and will include her wonderful soap foamers, Aged Christmas Potpourri, and a beautiful selection of herbs and spices including her scrumptious Cajun Seasoning, Pat’s Mexican Spice and Italian Seasoning! Pat Wilson is a local herbalist, who, refining her craft and perfuming techniques for years, is equally engaging with her lovely style of educating everyone she meets. Many of us in this group are the greatest fans of the most astounding potpourri ever made, I have never found anything anywhere to equal it, and it is not thrown together stuff, but loved, tended and aged as everything good is!
Serendipity Plant Lore will have beautiful hand grown, hand sourced, sustainable and ethically wild-crafted herbal teas for $7 a box. Each of the tea offerings has been used by this herbalist for many decades to aid health, enjoyment and vitality, recovery from many health problems. They have “lived” with me for so long, they have become part of me, and I am excited to have these offerings which truly support our family and the work as I continue my ongoing education and offering sliding scale consultations for those in need. Choose from:
~Lovin’ Liver Tea (your liver will be happy!)
~Summer Time Afternoon Tea (relaxing and sweet)
~Great Grandmother Gertrude’s Memory Lovin’ Tea (brain cell oxygenating crew!)
~Green Tonic Tune (tuning cells and soul together!)
~Vanilla Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Cinnamon Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Great Gert’s Cold Hand and Foot Tea (circulatory warming tea for the cold)
~Galloping Gertrude’s Tea (relaxing and locally nutritious)
~Flu Flummox Tea (just befuddle your flu bugs in style!)
WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be an upcoming workshop on Cold and Flu Season Immunity and Remedies on Friday, December 7th at 2 PM-4 PM. Please come join this lively discussion group and hands on workshop, and bring a snack to share! Register with me (Summer Michaelson) by sending an email and I will send back details! 
Serendipity Plant Lore will have boxes of lovely Bath Salts available for $7 a box. These are a combination of beautiful salts that are whole and lovely and good for a range of conditions, above all, beauty and enjoyment! Pamper yourself, or “treat” yourself with the following, made to order goodies that are organic, with no chemicals and only pure ingredients:
~Rosemary Pecan
~Mandarin Lime
~Candy Cane
~Balsam Rose
~Winterlyptus Land
~Lavender Sage Love
Share Orchards Shelter Donation: This is something that we have done, as a group, regularly for about 3 years! Sometimes, I forget to send this out with the email, as some of us just keep putting stuff together for donation. In our East Orchards neighborhood, we have our own shelter, that provides many services to help people get on their feet again, and sometimes our group has been absolutely grand in collecting stuff for them. What we do: Bring good, usable stuff you would like to donate to the Share Shelter on Azure pickup day. We also, on and off, keep a box going of stuff to trade on Azure Day, and whatever is taken by the end of the day goes to the Shelter to. If you would like to participate with this, do or donate stuff directly to Share House!
In this season, let’s build up the Thankfulness until is spills over into every day of the NEW YEAR!
Blessings to all!
Summer Michaelson, CH

Please let me know if you wish to order any coffee and/or tea by November 19th, for pickup at Summer Michaelson’s home 12613 NE 46th Street in Vancouver on November 27th, Tuesday, between 2pm and 6pm or as mutually arranged with Summer. 

A group of people and I get together to purchase coffee and tea every month. I gather the order and purchase from Bridgetown Coffee in NE Portland. The coffee beans are organic, fair trade, and the company is family owned and local. Bridgetown roasts the coffees using a hot air method that does not burn the coffee beans. The coffee is roasted in small batches so the coffee is fresh and delicious.


You can order either beans or ground. If you don’t specify, you will receive whole beans.


The minimum coffee order is one pound, $9 a pound. If we get over 25 lbs ordered the price drops to $8 a pound.  The pricing from Bridgetown is what I pay for the order.

The teas are varied from whites to greens, to oolongs, fruit (a delicious tropical that makes great iced tea), and black teas. Some are organic and fair trade. The teas are high quality. A person can order tea as little as 1/4 pound and more as desired in additional 1/2 and 1 pound increments.


Payment by cash is preferred.



Pat Wilson

Bridgetown Coffees

Rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the strongest coffee roast

Favorites with our group are Kona, Portlandia, and Viennese Decaf.


Kona Blend

Traditional island style roast. Medium roast with nut and citrus notes. Sweet and well rounded with a clean bright finish.  2.5

French Roast

This classic dark roast meets you with a spicy front, a dark chocolate mid-tone and a robust smooth finish.  4.5

Ponta Citta

A complex blend that balances sweet fruit tones, a stout full body, spicy aroma and powerful aftertaste.  3.5


Elegant aroma, rich intense mid-palate flavors of earth and wood with fleeting smoky overtones. Finishes flowery, clean, and smooth.  3.5

Mocha Java

This blend originated in the 14th century. Medium light roast full of complex flavors of citrus and spice with a note of sweet musky aroma. 3

Italian Blend

Complex flavors of chocolate, citrus, and tobacco combine to deliver a surprisingly well rounded body and a long powerful finish.  3.5


This “All day” coffee is a light roast that is evenly balanced, low in acidity with nut and spice tones and a clean finish.  2.5

Aroma’s Best Dark

A sweet front introduces this full flavored dark roast. A rosebud aroma and chocolate overtones round out this award winner.  4


Our signature roast. Smooth and sweet, this blend has a flowery light aroma with hints of caramel. The warm flavors linger in its’ aftertaste.  2.5

Bridgetown Special Dark

Our award winning dark roast. A blend of beans from three continents. Highly aromatic with a rich body and a slightly spicy finish.  3.5

Bridgetown Decaf

Very well balanced. A floral aroma and sweet flavor laced with hints of pepper and citrus that finish strong and full. 2.5

Viennese Decaf

A wonderful hand blended mix of light and dark roasts. Smooth with an intense sweet aroma and a long rich finish.  3.5

Expresso Supremo

Rich in chocolate tones with hints of citrus and spice. Dark and smooth. Created to compliment all your espresso drinks.  4

Broadway Espresso

A well rounded espresso blend with tangy semi-sweet chocolate flavor, a smoky aroma, and a long caramel aftertaste.  4


A true Pacific Northwest roast hand blended for a big earthy flavor, smoky aroma, and a warm comforting aftertaste that lingers with hints of oak and cognac.  4


An outstanding blend of three African beans. Very aromatic with subtle fruity, sweet flavors. Rich, complex, and medium dark.  3


Hot Tea

Darjeeling Highlands   (Price Change)

A light, brisk, and mellow tea from Himalayan highlands’ town of Darjeeling. This Harney & Son tea can stand alone or be complimented with milk and sugar to taste. Fair Trade.

Earl Grey   $13.78 per pound,     $6.89 ½ pound,    $3.45  1/4#

For the best afternoon enjoy this blend of black teas from Asia and Bergamot. The precise blend of fine black teas from Asia and Bergamot creates a delightful, citrus tea. Can stand alone or be complemented with milk and sugar to taste.

Earl Red    $13.95 per pound,   $6.98  ½ pound, $3.49  ¼#

(Rooibos blend with Earl Grey)

A  combination of Earl Grey and Rooibos blend of black and red teas from Asia, Bergamot and Africa. Smooth and flavorful. “Rooibos, sometimes known as ‘Red Tea’ (although not from the actual tea bush), is an herb that grows only in South Africa.” from

Rooibos (organic)    $15 per pound, $7.50  ½ pound, $3.75  ¼ #

Africa – see description above.

Formosa Oolong tea $12.50 per pound,   $6.35  ½ #,  $3.17  ¼ #

This popular tea from Taiwan combines the qualities of green and black teas. While most teas are fired soon after picking Oolong leaves are allowed to wither and oxidize a bit. This semi-fermenting process results in added depth and dimension creating a truly unique experience.

English Breakfast  $11.50 per pound,   $5.75  ½ #, $2.88  ¼ #

Toasty tea from Formosa with a hint of Ceylon. This tea will recharge your mornings or anytime. Can standalone or be complemented with milk and sugar to taste.

Black Currant   $12.25 per pound,     $6.13  ½ #,      $3.07  ¼ #

A well-rounded tea infused with the fruity flavor of blackcurrants. Of all nature’s fruits the black currant is the smallest. But the flavor it brings to a tea is not only sweet but also hearty

Lapsang Souchong  (organic)   $9.25 per pound, $4.63  ½ #,  $2.32  ¼ #

Often called a “man’s tat”. This strong black tea is actually smoked in a room (like a ham) resulting in a very distinct flavor that is similar to Scotch whiskey.

Earl Grey Decaf    $13.95 per pound,     $6.98  ½ #,      $3.49  ¼ #

This is a black tea with a classic black, tightly-rolled OP leaf. The liquor has dark red tones. It has been flavored with the oil of bergamot.

China Black       $11.50 per pound,     $5.75  ½ #,      $2.88  ¼ #

Black tea is the most popular tea in the world today, and is the “everyday tea” of many around the world. It is fermented, which produces a distinctive robust flavor, with the heady aroma of an oak fire, and a coppery reddish brew. Chinese black tea is said to have purifying properties and to benefit weight loss.

Iced Tea 

Bridgetown Mist   $11.50 per pound,     $5.75  ½ #,      $2.88  ¼ #            

Black tea with a smooth natural finish.

Bridgetown Tropical   $9.85 per pound,   $4.93  ½ #,  $2.47  ¼ #           

Combines two black teas with tropical flowers and flavors, highly aromatic, and naturally sweet.





Pat Wilson

(c) 2012, Summer Michaelson

Lummi Island Wild Order and Last Call for the Olive Oil Order!

Hello Folks!!!
First of all, apologies to anyone this is a double email for! I did want to let everyone know about this upcoming fish order AND there is an upcoming olive oil order, if you want details, email me and I will connect you with Barbara or if it is a split, collect money for it!
I hope everyone that participated this year with the annual Iliamna Fish Delivery is happy and satisfied! I’ve gotten many great comments and responses from some of you, and from our end, our family is enjoying this fish in so many ways. One of my favorites is to make a cream sauce with fresh dill, and drench the fish in that and bake.
Another fish buying opportunity has come up, this time, from my neighbor (and Iliamna Fish Volunteer) Barbara Johns. We all have been using a Lummi’s for other fish needs, and it’s all in the same East Orchards neighborhood!
Some of the reasons fish, directly from the fisher-men and fisher-women is so important is because it supports families, passing down heritage, and the small fisher folk work with smaller boats with high ethical standards for catches and release, and are easily monitored by wildlife biologists. Many of us with special needs kids also have been ordering from Lummi’s, as they sell fresh frozen salmon roe….very good substitute for expensive bottles of fish oil that may be old. You can blend the roe in a blender with a smoothie, place on a cracker with cheese and sage, or for really fussy eaters, mix them in a home-made hummus or babaganoush. Scallops, Halibut, Smoked Salmon, Cod and other offerings available! 🙂
Here is the information for the Lummi’s below. Message me for more information if you are a local!
Thank you all! Enjoy the week!
Summer Michaelson, CH
Hi all — If you are looking for some high-quality fish to round out your winter pantry, we’ve got a group-buy going with Lummi Island Wild until November 30th (delivery around the 4th or 5th of December).
I ordered the halibut and scallops last spring, and it was amazing (ask me for recipes)!  There is also now smoked King Salmon available and smoked keta will be available shortly on the website (will be $136 for 10 lbs), along with sockeye salmon and other seafood.  We changed the ordering time from spring to fall so that we are ordering when Lummi Island Wild has the highest fish selection available, so if what you wanted last spring was out of stock, now is your chance to get it.
Only two US fisheries made the list of the “World’s Greenest Seafood” from a thousand choices and Lummi Island Wild up near Bellingham Washington is one of those two!  You can visit their website to see what is being said about them in the news at .  Lummi Island Wild is a recipient of the Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices.