The Relationship Between Ecology and Economy!

The relationship between ecology and economy is very simple, there is no economy when the basis of the ecology is threatened and disposed of. Our very economy is not stats and figures on a piece of paper, determining who is making the most money in the race to take as much as possible from every being. They are interdependent with each other.

Taking this a step forward, when we realize, as people, we are living interdependently with our lands, wherever they may be on the planet, we understand that our own local economy, our own health, our own well-being, our own Spirituality, is interdependent, and if it falls into man-made disrespect, we have stolen from ourselves and the future generations.

Realizing we are all part of our own lands, we can all work for a deeper connection with the beings of our communities, whether they be human, plant, animal, soil, wind or air. We would be less likely to hurt the land for our needs, and more likely to stand up, with our full conscience, in exchange. We would become responsible for the animals and plants that we eat, the water we drink. We would not take so likely the destruction of the land of our communities, because we feel so connected to her, honoring her, living with her, loving her. What a sense of awe to live this way! Many of the problems we suffer right now, for instance, Monsanto, is because we have been led away from our own connection with our lands, our seeds, what we grow. Face it, we’ve been culturally seduced! We’ve given away our birthrights, and our children’s birthrights. Not all is so bleak, not when we brush the sleep out of our eyes, wake up, be beings of our respective lands again to participate and honor life. Creation is recyclable, not disposable!

(c) 2013 Summer Michaelson, CH

Usnea’s Animating Perspective!

For many people who have taken some of my classes or the hikes, you will be familiar of my longtime love and admiration over the seemingly simplistic herbs that abound, all which are treatments and preventatives for many of the worlds most difficult diseases. Of course, the ol’ healin’ ways never ceased, just went underground for awhile. Herbalism is still a living tradition! A bit you might get a taste of through books and blogs, but it is an ongoing tradition within those that practice, with heart!

In modern times, just like the forgetting of old histories, especially peoples histories, there has been an absolute forgetting (among-st the general population in industrialized nations) of THE treatments for Tuberculosis, Asthma, Auto-Immunity, caring for most things at home, etc.

Science is the observation of our magnificent Universe. It’s wonderful, and I love it. I studied science for such a long time, and continue to do so. However, it is not a religion in its own being, and in its present form, being used as manipulation in wider industries that are patent profit motivated, is it any wonder the common person is being persuaded to forget all the old medicine because only science has all the answers? Or is it, that only some scientific industries want to OWN and DISPENSE all the answers, along with plant strains, seeds, and chemicals? Two different things, the difference between open-hear-ted inquiry into the nature of the Universe or substances, or the building up of a few global businesses to dispense all knowledge, all products, and all information control of the masses, as a marketed and thought shaped consumer community. 

One can decide to live in a fortified box of ones own making, or open the box! Live with the heart closed, or open! We can build communities from the ground up, with peoples food and medicine first, or we can give away that power completely. A saner society would be that which encourages individual autonomy with the ability to ask for help when something is out of ones realm, but in medicine today, it seems, people have forgotten their own realm and defer on everything.

What does this have to do with Usnea? This simple lichen holds so much medicine, grows all over the world, and is always accessible to the common person, as long as there hasn’t been a “forgetting”. Don’t worry about that, if there has been a forgetting, once your realize that, you are free to remember again! World crisis solved, in a simple change of being!

Usnea has been in use for thousands of years. Just tap your brain sometime before bed, and see if she comes to visit with you! The imprint of Usnea within the lifespan of humanity is not so easily forgotten. Usnea is anti-fungal and used for Candida albicans and anti-bacterial. It is anti-inflammatory, a general antibiotic as well as a specific anti-biotic against gram positive bacteria (THINK about that one!) and mildly anti-spasmodic. 

There are many ways to play with Usnea, many forms to use it as medicine, something which we will play with in classes this year. Usnea is always in my own home herbal emergency kit. I never leave home for an emergency without it. Readily available, and lovingly dualistic symbiotic dancer of fungus and algae (over a thousand differentiated strains that we know of across the planet within one general being). Reminds me of the way our human intestines cooperate symbiotically with many beings to make a whole!

This beautiful herb woman brings along with her anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, properties of rapid healing. In Europe and China, she is helping within some health care systems, for oral mu-cos and thyroid cancers. I prefer to say “helping” instead of being “used”.

Many of the constituents of Usnea have not been patterned out yet, but the most well known one is Usnic acid. Beyond the thousands of years of use of Usnea, the studies are now crediting (and pharmaceutical medicines being made) of it as it is an inhibitor of gram positive bacteria, making it a wonderful detoxify-er.

What’s gram positive got to do with it? Tuberculosis, Malaria, Streptococcus, Snake Bitin’, Staphylococcus, pneumococcus. Other properties are anti-cancer and mild pain analgesic, and amoeba killer. Isn’t she amazing! (and FREE if harvested with respect!)

Come and love on Usnea with me, at one of the upcoming workshops and field forages this year! Come learn some of the basics of people’s wisdom, the tried and true. We’re all in relationship, and this relationship is with everything on Earth, including the residents within our own bodies. Anointing our wild lives with beautiful sacred intent, we come back into powerful relationship with the forces of life!

(c) 2013 Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH


There are visions of a Sun-Drenched World on the horizon, something so simple that it is creeping up on many of us, almost unnoticed. What I am speaking of is life; life rearranges itself as necessary to support a changing culture. There are so many issues and problems in the world, and we face new ones everyday that have no historical precedent! I often think what we perceive of as problems, is in actuality, life rearranging itself in ways to support new connections of cooperation and interdependence.

I have had a vision of our own, local community. What’s more interesting, is not that I had it, but I am finding others are having this vision as well. I have seen so many of our local churches, mosques and temples, schools, government facilities and community parks allocating their spaces and fine land with good soil for community gardens. I see people…

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Helping the Earth, Saving the Earth’s Diversity!

Curious thoughts run through my mind, something I noticed, as I am learning a new language, is how our language in America, “based” on English, is filled with deadening words. I wonder, how these deadening words infiltrate our collective subconscious. I’ve started to notice how icy a language it is, when used in its most common slang forms, forms that deprive the earth and others of life, their right to individuality. The old Gaelic did not do that, the old Magyar did not do that, the old Cherokee did not do that. I’m not sure how recent this invention happened! Our language, our political language, and other realms of language often are used in a way that sounds flat, like everything is a fixed commodity. The language is dragging us out of our individual lives, our lives in an embodied planet, connected to our own land, our farmland, our community land. How it suffers so, the other inhabitants, along with the humans, the air, water and soil. Great suffering! Needless suffering too, because it is not the basic sufferings of life, it is purposeful human added extras! (Humans turning their backs on their surrounding life).

A world without depth, a world that is flat and only about bottom lines, a world that has a fixed amount of resources for the population, but screams bloody murder when gas prices go up. (Am NOT defending cheap subsidies on gas, even if that causes my own self personal problems). After all, subsidized gas is being made up elsewhere in massive costs in other ways (my Family experienced this first hand on an undeclared Superfund Site) . Nothing is really free in the world, unless it comes from the heart. That’s truth!

So many people live in nature through TV and the internet. They have no bodily contact with just pure being. That detached consciousness allows pictures to fall across the screen, and a deep non-affection for the state of the ecosystem they inhabit (non-awareness). This is one reason I think so few people put their hands and feet in the soil anymore, or understand growing, or raising families on land that supplied food for neighbors and the surrounding community. It is a justification, that continues to be rationalized, evaporating any responsibility for anything in the outside world. Future generations are not given a thought, as they do not really exist. Our caring does exist, when it is taken out, uncovered, brushed off and given a hug. Non-caring for the future generations of beings is an illusion, an illusion that may be perpetuated by continual fasting because fasting has harmful effects on the compassion generating centers in the body.

I am an herbalist. Probably, a much overqualified herbalist, having studied medicine for around 9 years, studying the art of herbalism for almost 20 years (and still studying and doing apprenticeships) and consultations for around 14 years. Still, I am always a beginner, and always awed. I find it amazing, how many people study the facts of nature, the facts of healing (which are always changing like the flow of the wind or the tree of an individual person), how many people are disembodied. Experiencing the world from a very far place, is disembodied . Furthermore, judging  our language, our turns of phrase (non-real life), our emphasis on always separation, makes me wonder who benefits from trashing Creation, always that question. Where small, Family Farms used to be the norm, the basis of this society (including Cherokee) and many other societies (like Hungarian), boy do companies extrapolate this idea of deception:

Companies that show pictures of farm animals and farms on labels in stores that are not living healthy lives in small quarters and are corporate, slave driving owned! What a trick! If you want to find your small farmers, go buy from them from their farms, or the small, local shops that carry their goods! Big stores, with farm pictures, are a deception. Are we really proving we are Spiritual Narcissists? Willing to sacrifice all life, and generations that follow of ALL BEINGS, human and non-human alike?

I’m not sure I buy any of it! How ’bout decent love for the great gift of Creation we live in, awe of Life, the Force, God, or however your favorite way, and Peace without provocation? Would that be too much to ask for in these times? Pharmaceutical medicines are extracted from Creation or try for a mirror example in a laboratory. Do not wish the Forest Loves to be all cut down, especially since they harbor many species unknown to Science at this time. Vote for being here, in your body, in life, and not fantasy that cuts life down!

(2013) Summer Michaelson

Let’s Ban Something!

Very general post and more of a political commentary that has the capacity to transform into real healing. Whenever I hear people up in arms about banning something so they can be safe, I must say, its a bit like moving away from love, compassion, understanding and healing, and mo’ a bit like people trying to pass laws so they are safe from their own fear. What I have to say about that will not be popular, but I’d rather share truth as I know it, see it, understand it, then rush to an unthinking consensus. Below, is a really basic overview of Ritalin, but the point is, all these school killings have happened by children on AMPHETAMINE, and many other adults who kill as well.

Ritalin! Difference between Ritalin and Methamphetamine is Meth is an amphetamine molecule with an additional Methyl family molecule attached to the nitrogen in the (amine) molecule group. Methyl is a very simple atomic group (s) of a single carbon atom attached to 3 or more hydrogen atoms. Most kids prescribed “Amphetamine” are needing a Methyl donor, which attaches to the normal molecules of metabolism in the body. People missing Methyl donors or who cannot absorb the factors to produce them, have a hard time producing enough glutathione in their livers for normal detoxification of blood, producing enough pancreatic enzymes, often have low muscle tone, chronic inflammation of the digestive tract that instigates chronic inflammation of the nervous system. There is not a biological enzymatic formation in the body that does not depend on attaching a Methyl group to an amine. Ritalin has been a cheap source of masking an underlying problem in the body, as all cellular communication depends on messaging that depends on Methyl metabolism into different components (thyroid hormones, pituitary, nervous system, digestion, mineral absorption, etc). Every child on Ritalin is essentially starving inside of essential nutrients or the ability to absorb nutrients or the ability of the enzymatic systems to differentiate into millions of methyl and amine cascades to produce new substances. Instead of addressing zinc deficiency, folate and Methyl B-12 deficiency, we give them Ritalin. Instead of increasing the health of the kidneys and pancreas and liver, we give them Ritalin. From a biological standpoint, one can say this child shooter in Connecticut had unknown metabolic problems that were “covered” up by disinterested folks who didn’t know to look deeper. The other side is the household, family, community, school, teachers, soil he grew up in and from, type of living conditions he came, experiences he endured without guidance. Now that I say all this, I think it would be far easier to just ban guns, and ban thinking, knowledge, compassion, love, and not change anything else in society. Simple banning moves items into the shadows, no more thinking about them!

Referencing back to a blog about “either/or” thinking

and the damage it does to our civilization, how counter-productive it is for authentic healing. Media circuses are not about healing. As a society, we put more attention on this than we do our degradation of the food supply, our educational system, our loss of small family farms and small, family business, loss of our culture, our localities, our souls. So we give fame to dysfunction, and we give a pass on what is healing, wholesome, and educating. It’s time for people to turn off their TV’s and get a little more in touch with their own lives and loves! I feel very sorry for all affected by violence, but if people move a little bit away from the political arguments and the media circus, they might find more compassion for all life, and the energy to create authentic, beautiful communities.

Most children, with a very real biological need for fresh, wholesome food, nutrients,  love, grounded guidance, and shining recognition are in our system, thrown on dangerous drugs, which cover their “real” need. More mental assessments for dangerous drugs and more bans on weapons, and more reaction to the outside situation of violence, the more we ignore the internal violence of society, culture, malnutrition and health problems. A band-aid, for a putrefying wound. I do not believe passing more laws makes society more educated, more compassionate, or more healed. I do believe it helps those who are afraid of life put a band-aid over their internal demons, an out of sight, out of mind of the deeper issues of cultural and personal healing that are the cause and cure of the “problem”.  A quote running around the internet attributed to Einstein “we can’t solve problems by using the same sort of awareness or thinking that caused the problems” is really apt.

As well, life is not free of “problems”, but it is the way we allow the challenge of them to bring us more conscious awareness that we all heal and grow. If you want a life with no “problems”, you’ll have to box yourself into a smaller, less lived life to do so. More needless laws, with the highest incarceration rate on the planet in the US, somehow, just doesn’t seem intelligent. It seems the media circus and political ring is using real tragedies and their effect on people’s own fear, to direct the course of society…for have we, as individuals, given up that degree of own power, put our heads down, and allowed this to be so? Fight about banning this or that, or adding more layers of corporate beneficiary systems to our communities?

If anything, good for a sincere contemplation!

(2013) Summer Michaelson

Duna, Mother Goddess of The Tuatha De Dannan!

Danu (Duna in Hungarian) is the name giver of the Danube River. She is known all through Europe, and her name means “Flowing One”. She blesses all and everything, the Goddess of everything that Flows. She is the flow, blessed flow, happiness, bearer of inspiration, wisdom and healing. She is birth-er of creativity and transformation. When we bless the earth, and bless the rivers, bless mother love, she hears our call through the land and waters of our lives. She is beautiful, blessed, a protector, and very force of abundance. Abundance of love, life and cheer. Abundance of growing crops and mutual respect in life. Duna, life giving Duna, has various similarities with the feminine figures in most religions, or the feminine in the bubbling creek, the flower of thoughts, the buzz of honey bees, the landing of lady bugs on apple leaves. She is the flow of life. She is consort, healer, and comforter. She is bringer of changes, Spirit of River, Soul of Mountains and Blessed Harvests. She is always there in times of need, She is you, Blessed You!!!

When we feel a lack of abundance in our lives, a lack of energy, a lack of life, we have but to bury our feet in the soil, and remember to bless.

(c)2013 Summer Michaelson, CH

Reclaiming Birthing, Convalescence and Dying At Home!

Loving ourselves, our families, our loved ones and friends, it only makes wonderful sense, in order to rebuild our structures of a humane society, to reclaim more of our birthing, convalescence and dying at home, snapping it away from structures, and inhuman systems, wherever possible. Some special cases excluded, the system of cash stripping and monopolizing and commercializing death brings an impersonal haunt to those new souls coming into our world, those recovering their own vitality, and those who are ready to cross into the beyond.

Once upon a time, people LOVED their dead. They cared for loved ones, nursing them, allowing them to leave when ready. Then their bodies were loved, and washed, and cared for, for the final destination. The sense organs in someone who has passed say good bye to the sense organs of the living. Not with words, but with communication that is transmitted between bodies, between touch, between love. Love and pain seeps into the heart, but it is a final symphony.

New babies coming in learn the same way, born into the air that seeds their healthy digestive tract, the resonance of the home land, the flavor of the house, the touch and love of family. Bringing the babies in to the world, not a system. Babies born into systems reflect those first impressions, just as babies born at home reflect, in their deepest selves, those first impressions. Of course! Nothing is black and white, hospitals ARE there for a reason, for reasons of truly being out of one’s ability or family ability to help and heal.

Much fear drives people into systems, fear of body, fear of birth, fear of sickness, fear of convalescence, fear of death. Fear of love, fear of soothing, the time of care taking those we love, touching them, loving them Wholly and Holy.

Where as society and culture has robbed its own self, to the point of not trusting ANY of one’s own experience, conditioned to give all power away at the slightest hint of fear, we can change this ugly dream at any time back to something more real, more loving. The cost of birth, death, convalescence, and the standardized treatments for all instead of individual understanding of every individual, have led to an automatically conditioned cash system that draws one in, in their helplessness, to pay for life. An example, a local flu which so many are taking 10 day course antibiotic treatments for. We no longer know, have the discriminating wisdom of our bodies, basic knowledge of self care and knowing.

We no longer know, know ourselves. Sniffles, ear infections, and flu, thousands of years we treat these things, and more people than ever suffer from low immunity in this age. Curing cancer with chemicals. Making the problem, and selling the “cure”. Afraid of life, feeding a viscous cycle of declining vitality.

More than this, tho’, when we remember that we have much wisdom, have the capacity to learn much more, then delve deeper into experience with it, we may find that people who bring back to the home everything they have doled out to others (when possible), will start finding themselves experiencing more love, more strength, more letting go, more new experiences, more up close wisdom, and more power to guard one’s giving power away to systems. If you are as hooked as most, it may take awhile to start learning to listen to your body again. Tenderness, love, hearted-ness, letting go, welcoming in, fanning and nourishing vitality, touching bodies with love, developing ones knowing for what one can and cannot handle by oneself, these are all the experience of power, the power of a common person. A power of love, a power of humanity, a power of Spirit, and a power of Psyche.

Let us return to be the Songbirds of Life, not the customers of fear based curing. Close off the predatory forces of bankrupting people for birthing, healing, and dying. Love yourselves and love others! Bring what you can back in the home! Sing your song, not from fear, but from joy. Conform to your own SOUL, live in tune with your land!

(c) 2013 Summer Michaelson, CH

Song for My Friend Elizabeth!

“This is the world. (I will go).”

Nice mix of electronic, Hungarian Folk and Native American Influence. Very Beautiful, for my Friend Elizabeth!!!

Music Video opens with the sun streaming in the sky…just like what you shared with us Friday, left behind for us Elizabeth!!! 🙂


Love, Summer

New Local Classes from a GREAT Nutritionist!

Our Dear Friend Elizabeth Hupe-Olano Passed!

Dear Folks,

Elizabeth Hupe-Olano passed in the early morning hours today, Friday, February 15th, 2013. She passed peacefully and directly into the light, her passing was very beautiful. I’m not sure when services will be held yet, but when it is announced, I will pass it on. Pray for her, sing a song for her, write a poem for her, bake a gluten-free SCD cake for her family, cook meals and rendezvous with food at my house, toast glasses of herbal wine/kombucha/dairy kefir/water kefir together for her send off! Thank the Creator for lovin’ us so! We are loved beyond understanding.

Food, prepared with loving intent, gluten-free, as close to SCD as possible, dairy on the side, organic when possible would be a wonderful gift at this time. Any questions about food (many allergies in the household) give me a ring or an email with a detailed message, and I will get in touch when I can.

Elizabeth Hupe-Olano is survived by her husband Juan Olano and three children, Vince Olano, Gabe Olano, and sweet little Tess Olano. May the love that pervades the Universe be seen by all!

With Much Love~
Summer Michaelson

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