Are You a Compassionate Person, Or An Afraid Person Needing to Regulate ME?

Real Religion, Real Spirituality has NEVER Been About Enacting Anti-Gun Legislation! Religion/Spirituality is about healing the causes of your connection to Spirit.

Are you open to a different point of view?

I think, sadly, some people ARE irresponsible, with much, more than guns. However, legislating laws for everyone when really, you’re targeting the lowest, common denominator seems only logical from a perspective of someone who lives “safely” in one point of view. Realizing most *legal* gun owners are both intelligent and responsible, and realizing that the corporate community news generally relies on sensationalist stories to keep readership by highlighting the largest nuts that abound in society, I want to give another view. Perhaps, a very LIBERTAIRAN view.

I am a forager, and a hunter. I am an herbalist. I have spent much of my life living in the *backwoods* where surprisingly, drug addicts making dope are often found, as well as wild creatures of nature. I consider myself a spiritual commune-r of life and love, foraging my food and medicines, raising my own food in my backyard as well. I live life in the nitty gritty. I have healed cancer in myself with wild foraged medicine, healed from paralysis and stroke and much more. I live close to nature. For a long while, I lived at 11,000 ft altitude. I also enjoy a good trap competition and am a fencer. I study biochemistry and botany professionally and in my spare time, for 20 years, with many teachers, both Native, Folk and Societal Professional including University of Kansas and Colorado Mountain College.  I’ve been in pretty tight situations in the deep woods (criminally insane people and the natural forces of life, animals). Of course, it seems to me, the American people are pacified anymore, do not understand what real livin’ and real health are anymore.People prefer addictive drugs made from herbs rather than the whole healing from nutrition and herbal actions anymore. They rather be chained to a system of corporatism then be responsible for their own health and life. Most of the guns involved in crimes are illegally obtained. Our own CIA has actually been a participant in moving illegal guns and drugs into depressed areas of our nation (if you’re really a Patriot, aren’t you offended yet>). Of course, people in the gun debate do not want to really look at societal ills in any way, shape or form. And they rather believe their doctor has the cure for their cancer, obesity, dis-spiritedness. I don’t view guns any more dangerous as my sword, my foils, my forks, my intellectual capacity. I could make a bomb right this moment, because I am…….*wait for it*……intelligent and understand biochemistry to a deep degree. Of course, since I am bent toward love and the light of humanity, I’d rather use that capacity to help heal people with herbs from their biochemical misfortune…which is anymore, largely related to chemical exposures in our modern, endocrine system nullifying civilization environment….but hey. don’t want to put too much out there at once! Perhaps, all the *fear* of life and death has to be because no one is actually living a natural life anymore, as religion has deemed *civilization* as God. Only civilization comes at the cost of the natural world, common sense, and the human being. Catch 22! I deplore violence, but I am not uneducated about the real nature of life or the wild that I choose to spend most of my life in. I do not depend on grocery stores for my own food, but rather, wild hunted food, foraged food, and that which I receive slaughtered from my local farmers. However, many prefer their domesticated, iodine deficient, hormone laden, tortured food, so what I say is hearsay, of the greatest accord!
So, if you’re into victimization, pseudo-intellectualism, and having all your products provided for you, and all your pills ready for you at the eventually time of vitality demise, then I would subscribe to a point of view that a government turned in on itself, and a citizenry that is super afraid instead of common sense, would vote guns as dangerous, and the system as a perfection of civilization (and God ordained), and ones intellect as the be all, end all of progress. I say before taking away gun rights, lets take away car rights…a big cause of environmental destruction AND drain on the taxpayer funds for roads. I might be a Hungarian Gyspy/Cherokee blend tho’, and realize, in both instances, our guns were taken away for other purposes under the guise of *community safety*. We’ll never be safe in America tho’, because of the disadvantaged inner cities where guns and drugs were purposefully introduced to hopeless segments of our racially depressed environments for political strategy….but by all means, lets keep grabbing the attention of suburbanites disconnected to their own bodies, life, and truth! Maybe they can swing the political battles in favor of more *safety* and totalitarianism! And that’s, basically, my view of an insane controversial argument about guns!  Societies job is to punish wrongdoers only, to force ridiculous societal protocols on everyone in the effort to make our mortal lives safer than they are is ridiculous! We all die then, waiting for heroes outside of our own_selves, our own God. If you want to look towards the spiritual, then the answer is that way. A lot of *heinous* shit happens under the guise of *safety*, then please feel freely to begin your connection to God. Basically the ruse of Hitler and Stalin in their regimes to get people to follow them, was to enact ridiculous regulation under the idea of *safety*. A compassionate society is *safe*…a very real point that most people have forgotten anymore! Are you compassionate or afraid? If you do not believe in God, then you will need govern*mental* regulation. Pretty much! If you believe in the goodness of the human spirit, than, not so much, you will follow your instinct. You will know your path! And I suppose, that will be regulating others than yourself!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH


Ears for Erdely!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMusic, Dance, Body Movement, Breathing, Tempo, Song, Listening, Joy, Mountains, Fresh Air, Songs of Life…………………………..Herbalism, Healing, at its finest. Ears for Erdely, and Ears for this melody, the songs, the dancing, the culture, that  none can dispirit away.

I feel great sadness for those who have been hurt by some really hurt people who lost their way in life, however, there is much misunderstanding in our world of history and current political and corporatism affairs. Needless to say, most people are bent to the good, to the compassion, and real culture is held together with the songs, the dances, and the harmony one produces with one family and community. May we all take time to understand one another, may we all take time to realize our native-ness somewhere. Understanding and compassion and the stoking of healthful dancing, singing, and fresh air would do more for all of us, healing from the recent grief in Boston. Let us not become scared, let us not become victims. Let us not become casualties to others empires. Lets breathe ourselves back into culture and beauty, and fondness to this beautiful earth.

Let Duna guide the way…………..

Then get up and dance, sing, fiddle, tap a foot for health and circulation. Let’s produce beauty!!!


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Turnips On My Mind and Local Souping!

What is Local Souping? It popped in my mind just now, as I prepare a delicious soup. Such a hot spring day for soup, but I had started the soup days ago, gentle simmering and reducing a luscious soup stock. I save all the bones and skin and ligaments, head and feet of chickens. This last year, I had raised my own, with my own hands, and saved every scrap from them. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI kept the gizzards and cleaned ’em. I kept the heads, the necks, the legs and feet. After cooking chicken, I keep the carcass. I save the skins and peelings and ends of my vegetables. I collect them all up in freezer bags, and when the bags are full, I make a large stockpot of broth! I simmer them, on low heat, for days, to soften the bones, dissolve the collagen, and extract the marrow. To this I add herbs…many herbs for taste, nutrition, and immunity. When stock is made, I add what is on hand. Today, I received some Lacinato Kale and leeks from Hearth of Vancouver, I added diced winter turnips, garden roots and fresh nettle. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADefinitely a spring soup, made mostly from the leftovers and wild things, nutritious, with plenty to spare and freeze. With Grace, our food appears when we’re lookin’ for it, and by Grace, we assemble it with love, in love, for love and little bellies!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so we love! What is Local Souping? Something unique, that only you can do, with the food in your kitchens, and the food around you. No two local soups could EVER be alike! Enjoy yours with a dollop of fresh, cultured sour cream and cilantro on top! Or with clabbered raw milk cheese and paprika!

May we, when we make soups, always, ALWAYS make them with love!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Diggin’ Roots, One of Many Joys of This Herbalist!

Home and Hearth 001Diggin’ roots. I’m an Herbalist, and that’s where my joy and service lie. Diggin’ roots, history, body, love, ground. Diggin’ roots, songs, dances, joy tunes. Diggin’ roots, smiles and tears, an awareness of life. Pulsating, lightening, all that we are, and the roots we grow from, reaching in the soil for the nourishment we need to grow to the sun, and back again, universal heart beat. Flash!

Woods, Woods Being, Root, Root Being, Love, Love Being, where do we see this reflected more? Today, after a magnificent plant walk with the cutest class I have ever had the privilege to be with, sharing the teachings that are the work of decades, I came home, and dug roots. Root digging is always good for the soul.

Many roots we plant, many we pull, many we find a brand new use for…what seemed simple and unworthy, suddenly seems to feed a family, nourish some blood cells, increase energy, and just be, because of energy collected there. As Herbalists, we always look for roots that have good stored energy for the eatin’ and the healin’.

I have a relationship with diggin’ roots, and I love to play in the dirt!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t know what I will find, but it is always far greater than what I would have dreamt. And so we eat, and so we heal, and so we commune!

WARNING: Never consume a wild edible that you are not 100% sure about, please double check with an expert, and take the time to thoroughly learn and be with plants you intend to ask a harvest from.

(c) 2013 Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

2013 Community Red Salmon Bliss Order!

This Community Red Salmon Bliss Order is our 4th one! We’re getting together to do this, so please, if you can volunteer time for fish divvying, we could use your help! 

FOLKS!!! ILIAMNA TIME!!!! It’s time! Gather in the Community for an honorable and large fresh fish buy! Prices are being decided upon right now, and will be coming out within a couple weeks, but start thinking NOW what you want to order, even get a tentative order in with me, as we won’t have much time for money collection! This year, we’re shootin’ even higher for fish shares, as our price  drops the more we order, and it is a fantastic deal, and the freshest fish (our FisherMan and FisherWoman go up and fish and bring back to Portland area. 

I’ve done my best capturing everyone who wanted to be on this fish announcement, but please spread around with your friends, neighbors and families, and if I have missed your email, please let me know so I can add you!!!

$ a lb with a $ discount per a share box (20 lbs) for our buyers club! We gotta get crackin’, because we must have half of the money for deposit in their hands before June 1st! Our Fisherman and Fisherwoman, live in Portland part of the year, and then go up to Alaska and fish (where their families are from) and in a well known fishperson co-op network. Fishing is done in the freshwater lake of the Illiamna Watershed, and the fish is Marine Stewardship Council certified.

Iliamna watershed is unique in that it is constantly monitored by wildlife biologists, and no fishing is allowed unless the spawning season is successful. Our Fisherfolk have tiny boats, and unlike the larger salmon boats, do not hold mega amounts of fish in cold ice water until getting to shore. They also fish in shallow water, meaning your fish, is caught, bled, immersed in ice water for a maximum of 1-6 hours before being filleted and flash frozen directly on the shore. 

Iliamna does not dip fish in preservation chemicals to make them last longer, unlike the industry standard for most fish. And best yet? This ain’t no pink salmon, but red salmon! Read more here:

We LOVE pink salmon, don’t get me wrong! BUT red salmon is the richest in omegas and antioxidants and I have not tasted salmon equivalent to Illiamna yet, altho’ I bet Lummi’s wild is similar goodness!

For fish shares, it works like this. A whole box, 20 lbs, is $. Half of that is due, in my hands by Friday, May 25th. The other half will be due for delivery (TBA) sometime in the first week or so of August, depending on their fishing season and when they come back. Once deposit money for the group is made, we will set up an exact delivery date with them.

Everyone is required to be at the pickup, when the date is set, or to make arrangements with a fellow friend, buddy or family member, as the fish delivery is large! As we get closer to the delivery day, we will need to have volunteer hands for weighing and dividing.

We have done these group orders for the past two years, and I have never had one non-delighted person show up! Really, fresh salmon does not get better than this! The fillets are vacuumed sealed, frozen, boneless, and so fresh, I eat some of my salmon raw after it comes. If you’re used to fishy tastin’ salmon, you will be in love!

Order as soon as possible, email your order to me (Summer Michaelson), and when I receive your order I will send you back an email with details for sending your deposit, amounts and etc.

Any fish that is not fully paid for by pickup time will be offered to others in the group for purchase. If special arrangements for pickup need to made around work or vacation, let me know and we can look into options. 

Total share prices are:

Whole Boxes (20lbs) 
Half Boxes (10lbs) 

Quarter Boxes (5lbs) 

Fish Excitement!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to pass onto anyone who might be interested!!! 
Summer Michaelson, CH

(c) 2013 Summer Michaelson, CH

Holy Herbal Lore of Hungarians and Dandelions!

Sometimes, what seems the most common or everyday, most ordinary, is not. Magic often hides in the ordinary cover of seeming conformity. Seeming as so, Dandelion is often an overlooked Queen, who shines so bright and yet, withstands the slurs of contemporary civilization…

What is civilization, and who defines the parameters of life? What does contemporary civilization mean? If we dig back into the Latin roots of words, we are guided by the roots themselves.  “Con*tempo*rary” means time, the same time, shared time. Dandelion is living through a nasty epoch of being DE valued, but as sure as the timeless stands, this is temporary and will come to pass into splendor again.Home and Hearth 007

The honey bees tread lightly on Dandelion flowers, but the Dandelions are not light earth walkers, they are tough as brass, and deeply rooted, pulling up earth minerals and whipping up the digestive system into action. Full of life they are!

This life, zing, food and nourishment they give to our pollinators, they give to us too. Leaf infusions for kidneys, roots for liver, all parts for stomach and intestinal health, and even glorious food for our own trillions of organisms that live in our digestive systems. Have you tried pulling their roots up from the earth? They grow back stronger than ever. Do you spray your lawn to be rid of them? Their roots go dormant, waiting. They are purifiers of land and soil, as well as our bodies. Good for hair, teeth, skin and nails too! They capture all the sun that they can and gift us with wonderful, carotene filled flower wine. The latex in their stems even remove some types of common warts! Fast growing leaves are a good addition to salads, and a bit of Dandelion a day keeps the gallbladder surgeon away!

The more you wrestle the Lions, the stronger and faster they will grow for you, and if you play with them, soon you will be roaring loudly with thanks! Your garden plants too!

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), has been a valued Plant throughout human history, and will slough off her ill repute of the last century soon enough. She is a food plant, and an ancient medicine plant, a drink plant, and the first of the extremely large flushes of bee food in the spring. Her roots dig deep into us, into the soil, and into history. She has been a garden companion plant and human companion for centuries. Her large taproot works its way deep into the earth, pulling up minerals and nutrients to the surface, catalyzing them for use by other plants. She does the same in us, pulling up the deep for us to use, to feed upon.

She is also a beautiful food for nomadic shepherding cultures, from Korea to Hungary to the United States. She parts food and nutrition, fritters from flower heads, wine from her blossoms, and leaves for teas and soups. Dandelion has roots that soothe the thirst on a hot summer day, or roasted roots to warm the blood on a cold winters day. From taproot to blossom top, she aligns her self with the earth and sky, and penetrates and aligns our kidney function and lung functions. She pulsates the liver aspect in tune with the lower esophageal sphincter release, alkalizing stomach acid and stomach contents at the proper rhythmic cycle, thus increasing our digestion and utilization of fatty acids used for membrane repair.

We spray poison spit at her, we mock her, we dig her…she comes back….just so much tap root left at the bottom of her plant, and she’ll spring back after a year or two no matter, waiting for her time to blossom and befriend again. Her vitamins, A, C and K most notably, and her manganese, potassium and iron, will make the most faint of people stronger. Her leaves, have affinity for the kidneys, strengthening and toning them, while the roots main affinity is for the liver, but all parts of the plant are considered healers of liver, kidney, digestive system and skin.Fun! 002

She is strong, but helps to break things up that need breaking up, like kidney stones. Taken over time, she dissolves the little buggers, and builds the strength of the blood, and kidneys. She nourishes the adrenals, and in so doing, reduces allergic responses in the body. Nourishment, not deprivation. Chemicals meant to erradicate Dandelion seem to be doing the opposite, promoting deprivation that effects us, the bees, ants, butterflies and moths who depend on Dandelion, and overall, producing scarcity. Scarcity is lack of nourishment, deprivation does not sound like a good cultural habit to endorse. It has much larger ramifications for us human being!

Hungarians LOVE Dandelions. Both are Holy and Heavenly made! Like Dandelions, Hungarians also weather the storms, coming back stronger and stronger. Most coat of arms in Hungary have a Lion somewhere depicted. Lions are warriors. In French, Dandelion is called “dent-de-lion” which means “Lion’s Tooth”. A beautiful descriptive term for the tooth indentations of the leaf shape, as well as for the vitality empowering characteristics of its nutritional medicine.Home and Hearth 006

All this nutrition, and where is the medicine? Well, if vitamins and minerals and gastric aligning secretions are enough “medicine”for you, we can look at her pectin content which has an attraction to metal ions. Dandelions reputation as a detoxify-er is now verified. To date, as well, pectin is one of the most radioactive cleansing substances we know of. Dandelion contains anti-viral polymers that directly work as anti-carcinogenic factors in the body. Dandelions contain Gallic Acid, which is anti-bacterial in nature. Our Dear Dandelions help to regulate blood pressure in the body, reduce inflammation and allergenic responses over time, and contain choline that is necessary for improving memory.

You want to alkaline your body? Well, the body does this of its own accord, unless its gastric processes are reduced in efficiency due to stress, pollution, infection, or out of sync sphincter/bile release. To alkalize the intestines, you need adequate bile release in tune with the esophageal sphincter. It seems to me, a lot less special “products” would need to be bought, if we simply cleaned out the river of thought a bit, make an about face, and look deeper! Follow the Root!!!

Dandelion does deep.  For Hungarians, she is finding love, healing, cultural and familiar pride. Dandelion was given to people by God, the Creator, for Life, for the Lions, the People of the Lion Family. Which family do you choose? Monsanto and ilk, and their agent orange chemicals that create scarcity, or do you choose to honor the Sacred in Creation, of life and living beings? What is our heritage, how do we honor the ancestors who carried life into “con*tempo*rary civilization? Choose, and choose wisely, the beautiful life of simple love! Allow Dandelion to teach us, make us strong, and roar our songs! Make a Dandelion Flower necklace for prosperity!

A Song for Dandelion

I sing a song of gladness!

A song of old!

A song of new!

A song of always was,

and never knew!


Only Dandelion saw,

the songs of now.

A honeybee lands

making yellow heads bow!


Gulyas Blessings!

(c) 2012, 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk, April 20th!!

Hi Folks! 

 Don't know oxbow park 016
Put it on your calendars! Next herb class is on Saturday, April 20th, at 10 AM!! I will be leading a Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk! Cost of this class is $40.00 ($35.00 if you pre-register). Please be sure to dress for our changing spring weather, and bring a water bottle and snack if you need to keep energy up. Location details will be sent upon registration.Fun! 006
Gulyas Blessings!!!
Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH
(c) 2013 Summer  L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Beautiful Burdock Recipe In Action!!!

From a recent class, a good friend and student made a delicious dish from tea leftovers!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

“Feed Me Seymour” Plant Identification Winners!!

This week, Serendipity Plant Lore had a small little contest of fun, and there are two winners, who correctly identified the “Feed Me Seymour” plant! Erin H. and Celeste K. are the winners!!! You will each receive an organic, hand grown/harvested/foraged tea from me!

This plant IS Apple Mint!!! Here is a link to the contest again, which is now officially closed…but when inspired, may do more, so check the blog back often!


(c) 2013 Summer Michaelson, CH