Red Salmon Fish Bliss Day WAS AMAZING! Thank you ALL!!! :)

Amazing, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! All of you! Red Salmon Bliss Fish Pickup Day was a success, thanks to EVERYONE!!! Everything flowed smoothly and joyfully, and all our volunteers who helped to make this happen, a BIG HEARTY THANK YOU!!! Thank you all for participating, and I look forward to hearing what people think of the experience, and ways people are enjoying their fish, we have so many creative folks in our group!!! Please give thanks in your heart to Cynthia H, Jena H, Helen S, Laura S, Lynn T, Sheila G, Heatherlynn L, Elizabeth S, Barbara J, Jane H, Erik M, Iliamna Fish Company, and all who participated so we could get an excellent group deal!

Many of you I won’t see again until next Salmon Season, so have a very happy year filled with Blessings! For those of you who visited with me at Storytree Farm Saturday before last, THANK YOU for your support and your visit to one of my favorite local farms!
We are, indeed, Blessed to have so much good food around us, and to come together to make these things happen.
If you’re interested in other sustain-ably fished wild seafood, my neighbor, Barbara Johns, has a seafood order she is putting together with Lummi Wild Island! If you would like to get on her email notification list and haven’t connected with her yet, send me an email and I will connect you right up!
Since late 2007, I’ve hosted an Azure Standard Drop Point, so if any of you in the Salmon Group are interested in this organic food saving opportunity from Azure Standard Farm in Dufur, Oregon, send me an email and I can add you to the Serendipity Plant Lore (which is another name for me, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH) Email notification list.
Last thing, if you wish to catch me about town between now and next Salmon Delivery, please check my blog for Announcements, Workshops, Forest Hikes, Recipes, Articles, and Consultation Availability about/with Herbal Medicine, Wild Foraging, Cooking, Healing and Nutrition or send me an email if you wish to be added to the notification list. Neighbor’s Market is hosting an upcoming Serendipity Plant Lore’s 6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshop, where I will be teaching about Ancient Nutrition and Ol’ Fashioned Food Storage techniques where we will learn about Lacto-Fermentation, Pickling, Oiling, Wet and Dry Salting, Summer’s Hungarian Salt Preserves, Drying, Cold Cellar Storage and more low energy techniques and recipes, including *always including* Farkas Takacs Michaelson (Hungarian) Traditional Family Recipes!
Otherwise, this fish list will go dormant until we have new Salmon News! Have a Happy Autumn and THANK YOU for your support for local and ethical Farm, Fish, and Foraged Foods!!! 🙂

Gulyas Blessings!
Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH, my son Hunter LISTENING!
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(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Please do not distribute this photo of my son commercially, only in connection to our local buyers club, THANK YOU for this RESPECT! 🙂

Azure Delivery Drop Changes and the 6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving Workshops In Progress!!!

Hi Folks! We have some Drop Changes to take notice of this time! Red Salmon Fish Bliss Pickup Day was a smashing SUCCESS! Thank you all for participating, and I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks, and ways people are enjoying their fish! 

Our Azure Standard order cut-off has now been changed to Fridays. Our upcoming cut-off is THIS FRIDAY, October 4th at 4PM, with delivery on the following Tuesday, October 8th. Pick up is from 2-6 PM. 
Announcing our 6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshop, hosted by Neighbor’s Market! Since Saturday before last at Storytree Farm, I’ve gotten so many questions of when I am teaching this seasonal workshop again, and here is the date! Upcoming Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest at Neighbor’s Market!!! This has always been one of my favorite workshops to teach, based on how we harvest and prepare our food for winter storage at our home. It’s a really fun get together, and everyone will get their hands messy!!! Come play and love our home grown and local food with us!!!
For details and registration requirements, visit:
For Azure Folks, we will have Serendipity Plant Lore Herbal Teas, Bulk Herbs (please email me ahead of time if there’s something you want to order from my garden, my friend’s garden or wild forages), Koya Designs Spices and Herbal Balms, and knitted crafted things from Christine’s Creations as extras!
List of teas:
Serendipity Plant Lore Tea Offerings. Pre-order if you would like a guarantee that the tea you want is in stock. I keep batches super small, so they’re made super fresh!
Serendipity Plant Lore has beautiful hand grown, hand sourced, sustainable and ethically wild-crafted herbal teas for $7 a box/sack. Each of the tea offerings has been used by this herbalist for many decades to aid health, enjoyment and vitality, recovery from many health problems. They have “lived” with me for so long, they have become part of me, and I am excited to have these offerings which truly support our family and the work as I continue my ongoing education and offering sliding scale consultations for those in need. Choose from:
~Lovin’ Liver Tea (your liver will be happy!)
~Summer Time Afternoon Tea (relaxing and sweet)
~Great Grandmother Gertrude’s Memory Lovin’ Tea (brain cell oxygenating crew!)
~Green Tonic Tune (tuning cells and soul together!)
~Vanilla Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
Cinnamon Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Great Gert’s Cold Hand and Foot Tea (circulatory warming tea for the cold)
~Galloping Gertrude’s Tea (relaxing and locally nutritious)
~Flu Flummox Tea (just befuddle your flu bugs in style!)
~New! Arabian Summer Tea (a tea to remind you of the smells of an Arabian Love Garden, with plants that touch our center, build up the immune system, and sweep away what needs to be swept away.)
~ New! Shepherd’s Tea! When you want to corral those irksome viral beings and nondescript inflammatory triggers, what you need is a Shepherd to round ‘em up and over the bluff!
~New! Organic Olive Leaf Tea, an anti-viral, anti-oxidant tea to ward off the minions of Mordor!
~New! Delicious Radheish Chai!
Gulyas Blessings!!!!!!!!
Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH
Below, my son Hunter listening! 🙂
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(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshop hosted by Neighbors Market!

Many of you have been sending emails asking when Serendipity Plant Lore will be teaching this workshop again, and it’s finally time, Autumn IS HERE! This workshop will be hosted by one of my favorite local grocers, Neighbor’s Market, 1707 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington.


A little Autumn reminisce about the roots of this class, the very first Farm to host this workshop is a favorite local CSA farm, Storytree Farm, in 2008. At that time, I had written out a mission statement for this particular class. I came across this mission statement in my papers this week, it brought back memory, remembrance of students and love, and a comparison to see where my feelings/thoughts are now. I still feel the same way. Teaching about Ancient Nutrition and Ol’ Fashioned Food Storage Techniques, and about the way our Family eats, nutrition for our two sons healing from Autism, has impacted every food choice we make, and it is all about LOVE. As a Community Herbalist, Nutrition is always a building block of a loving and nourishing community, in every way, shape and form.

6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshops are coming up! A favorite workshop, this is a fun, hands on workshop devoted to the understanding of traditional food storage techniques that use the basic gifts of earth, air, water and salt to put up food in a creative and individual way, to best enhance the flavor, nutrition, over-all health and pure excitement of fresh, local whole food and garden harvests. This class is poetry in motion and participants are encouraged to bring their ideas, questions and recipes, every class is unique!

We’ll cover techniques for Lacto-Fermentation, Pickling, Oiling, Wet and Dry Salting, Summer’s Hungarian Salt Preserves, Drying, Cold Cellar Storage and more low energy techniques and recipes!

This class is also potluck, so please bring a dish to share, your own plate, mug, fork, spoon and napkin.

Date: Saturday, October 19th 2013

Time: 1-3 PM

Location: Neighbor’s Market, 1707 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington

Cost: $40, Pre-registration only to guarantee a spot!

What to Bring: A dish and or snack to share, pen and paper, eating utensils, questions, and a heart ready to have fun!

Discount: Sign up with a Friend and each of you will receive a $5 discount off the registration fee!


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CHOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife at our House! 021

Hungarian Pacific Northwest Chanterelle Gravy :)

It’s mushroom season, not only in the Pacific Northwest in North America, but in Sister Hungary and Ukraine as well!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is a tasty, tasty sauce to serve over fried fish, snail, or rabbit chunks over paella. This sauce is so good to be enough for paella itself, or one may use it to dip a sandwich, eat a steak, a salmon fillet, off a spoon, over fresh cooked green beans, with pasta.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Start by heating up some butter in a pan. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd chopped onion and chanterelle mushrooms, saute. Make a roux on the side with some chicken stock or bone broth, quarter cup of oat flour (or flour of your choice) with a cup of broth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When the onions are translucent, add the roux directly to your onions and mushrooms in butter. Add Paprika, salt and pepper to taste! Now, stir in another 3 cups of bone broth, simmer until gravy thickens to desired consistency, approximately 7-10 minutes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Check seasoning again, serve on anything and everything!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


PS: I cook paella with bone and veggie broth for the liquid, to boost nutrition, color, and adjust starch digestion. A great way to add extra nourishment to grain, and helps with digestibility. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Uncovering the Dark Magic of Grocery Stores

This commercial, while it’s my least favorite form of communication, has got a meaning, a real meaning. What kind of country are we where we hide the way our food is abused, mono-cropped, chemical laden, faked, nutrition-less? Think about it. Think about the ethics. Think about the lack of regulation on big industrial enterprises while we have an immense amount of regulation of the private citizen. Think about how we eat life to live, and just because this fact is true, does not give us permission to torture the life we eat. We are what we eat. Turn to wonder how we can change this around, each and every one of us! It really is extricating yourself from a system that abuses you in return. I am not against neighborhood grocery stores, stores that employ people. I am against profit driven monopolies that standardize animal, plant and human torture. Change it, wake up your light!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Chanting Chanterelle!

What is alike or the same in mushroom world? No two mushrooms are alike, ever.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As Pacific North West Rains come, our Mushrooms chant welcoming rain songs that allow them to grow, to be, to sing the songs of color they choose.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

To sing the songs of color they choose, to be, to become, to practice their art of the Fungal Internet. The world exchanges information through Fungi, grows, becomes, and connects.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twirling through the Forest with a cute family, twirling through the Forest with the Fungal Friends of our family, spinning and weaving the Fungal Networks play, and bloom. We eat and thank the ‘shroom!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Chanting Chanterelle, a beautiful gift from close friends and from the Forest Ground!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CHOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Desert May Be Dreaming Us

I am positive the Desert is dreaming us! Many people think the Desert is a lonely place. Some even wish to fill her up quickly, with cement. I am not of one of those people.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cement is Broken Land carted in and mixed with petro-chemicals. I assume, for some, the Desert Call is fearsome. Feeling SO alone.

When I enter into the Desert Steppe, the scrub brush land of Artemisia tridentata, the smells waken me to the Beings around. Far from feeling alone, I feel enveloped into the Artemisia Earth Mother Land.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As bodies rise up out of the Steppe, in sleeping positions curling around the newborn land, cuddling Her like an infant, I feel and see our Mother. Who is alone in the Desert?

The Desert beckons Her people to Her, for learning, playing, and seeing. Desert trees give medicine. Juniper Character teaching Hunter Character about the Character of Desert Medicine. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWatching hands, making blessing with hands, to know what berries the hands may handle for medicine…not all are for harvesting, not all are for humans, not all have enough Character yet. The shelter of Lady Juniper is well known to Desert Walkers who do not wish to be seen, and weary birds make use of her generous perches in mid-afternoon blazing sun.

Not all Desert is airy, there are blessed waterways that cure the thirst of vibrant wild roses, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAon stems sturdy, but bendable and fragile, so as to dance when the wind blows. Water and Desert together breathe deeply in and out, in torrents of tumbleweed seed filled wind.

A Desert a lonely place of solitude? Have you sat by the Rabbit BushOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA or been brushed by Russian Thistle, the Wind Witch? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASun and clouds play shadow games among-st mullein stands that are strong?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For goodness sakes! What are you to say next, that the Cliffs do not speak, and the Eagles do not eat?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Owls do not watch, the Bats do not speak? Owls move silently in for swoops, leaving behind lost feathers here or there to remind of their own presence. Are the Buteos not looking for rodents for a feast? The fights of love between Red Tail Hawk lovers can be quite wind loud, did you not hear their lovers quarrel on the currents? The Ospreys talk talk talk, never are quiet unless they think they are really being watched by those Two Legged Being Eyes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Falcon, my favorite of Birds, she always sends me messages. I am Hers in some way, she is in my Dreams, and she doesn’t keep me far from her sight. Falcon followed my family from Hungary. She loves to keep tabs on me, and I know her presence always contain teachings.

I do not know who says the Desert is for solitude and aloneness. I visit the Desert and the Steppe and the River full of Salmon, to talk, and to enter the dream, the Desert Dreaming. When I feel called that way, I know the Desert is Dreaming Me, and I of Her, and so our currents join for a time.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Tribal Land Heart Beating Band of High Desert Tunes

Tribal Land, Heart Beating Band…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This past week, I headed up to the Oregon High Desert to tune into the Songs of Tribal Lands. All Lands have songs. Some are more open, some lands are sleeping or quietly keeping council underground. All Lands have songs. The myth of development may build over lands, but the songs are there, who is there to hear? Every once in awhile, when the songs have become too quiet, the land must burst forth again with Her Song, sweeping and changing terrain. Land keeps singing. Humans rise up with the song. Only when we forget the song, do we lose touch with Land. Then Land may bring forth a sweeping, for us to remember.

We breathe. We drink water. We are water. We are air. Our cells com-bust for Fire. Our bones are Earth, Earth Bones. When we forget, we are taken back, Spirit Coursing. The deep rooting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tribal Lands always have a special love for me. My Hungarian Family still live on Hungarian Tribal Land, for two thousand years. My Native American roots sing of our Tribal Land this side of the ocean. I may be a citizen of three Nations, but I find homes are many Lands when I ask permission to be, and receive an answer, receive the answer of Blessing.

This past week, I asked permission to be on Tribal Land, that is not of my own Family Land. I was given a beautiful answer. By a PNW Native Man that I didn’t even think to ask his name, for he spoke directly to my Heart. He told me I had a right to be there, on that land. My family too. It is for us, we are rightfully there. Because I thought to ask the Land, and a representative of that Land of Connection, I was then given a precious gift, greater than any money. I was given permission to be on the Land, in two beautiful sentences, I was given a rooting to another land. I was given permission to root. I was given belonging. Inclusiveness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA How simple is respect? How simple it is to be given, in our communications with each other, a rooting of belonging to clans and tribes and to lands. My heart was touched, and opened. Though simple existence, the right to be, we make room for each other, others. We make room for Humans and Non-Humans. We make room for songs.

We are the Space, the Songs of the Lands. We all sing together. How simple! The Desert is SINGING in my Heart this Week, I hear, I feel the beating band, the loud hum of Desert Tunes, Desert Belonging, and the rich life of the Desert.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH


6.5 Million American Children Diagnosed With ADHD???

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.5 Million American Children Diagnosed With ADHD. According to Eagle Canyon Wellness and Sensory Development Center 2/3rds of those are receiving mind-altering medications. This number does not include all the American Children suffering with Autism, MS, Dyslexia, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar who also are receiving mind-altering medications. This writing is mainly just addressing ADD, ADHD, and Autism, societal questions that do not really make it to the mainstream. Because of my early learning in Biology, in the hopes to work as a doctor in Allopathic Medicine, before my turn around into preventative and nourishing medicine, I share these thoughts to promote contemplation and research by those people willing to take some time when receiving a diagnosis, to find the root causes of what is really happening, going on with their child(ren), AND themselves.

GENERALLY, it’s easier for people to choose a way to numb themselves then to really digest what is happening to our food system, our environment, what is happening politically, and how our daily lifestyle choices are contributing to this picture of the whole. I know as far as little boys are concerned, they have a lot of natural energy that perhaps, sitting at a desk for 8 hours doesn’t provide adequate expression and usage of. Much easier to then have a diagnosis of a problem, with a prescription, and a mindset of a “personal problem” to fill one’s brain, then to sincerely contemplate about what does this particular child needs to thrive? How would the learning/medical system need to change to accommodate this particular child? How can we work with unique human beings so they grow and reach their full potential as a human being on this planet Earth? Is what is being diagnosed as “wrong” or a “problem”, a way for a society to cast off its own unconsciousness and darkness onto the children, because challenging such systems are unthinkable (that’s a container in and of itself!)? How come individuals pay the price, children pay the price, instead of systems re-evaluating where they are constricting learning, dosing away symptoms, and how they are failing the individual?

The drugs themselves often accelerate underlying problems by wiring the brain more into the adrenaline system as a source of instant brain fuel. Often, the core issues for those children who REALLY have problems (many do not) is the inefficient use of brain sugar, and needing to tap into the adrenaline sugar releasing system to uptake more quickly released sugars. So fundamentally, the connections in the brain are being reinforced for adrenaline system blood sugar mechanism then the steady metabolizing of readily available brain sugar. Part of this process that accelerates in many children is an inhibiting of the messaging between the neo-cortex and thalamus. This then leads into the question of what is happening to disrupt the neuronal messaging between the neo-cortex and the thalamus. Apparently, basic neurology is too much to ask of professionals, a drug that promotes the underlying brain wiring malfunction is chosen for some wished for, temporary results to get a child to sit down and obey. Often times, it is the parents who are unable to sit down and obey the laws of LIFE, who cast this pattern to their children, and wish to solve it outside of themselves. Meanwhile, the fundamental questions and scientific exploration are entirely missed.

Many chemicals that are very pervasive in our environments, our schoolyards, our classrooms, in consistent sprayings are pesticides designed to kill insects by interfering with their neuronal messaging systems. These same chemicals, which are diluted versions of Agent Orange, which are the base of the product Round-Up, along with the Fluorosurfactants in Scotchguard and everyday products interfere with neuronal messaging and the steady metabolizing of brain sugar (easy spill and spot clean up is now more important than developing children’s brains, fragile thyroids and delicate skin and gut mucosa). The most important organ in our human bodies is the brain, as far as readily available energy usage is concerned. The body will cut off energy supply to all other organs to ensure the brain continues functioning  Why do we continue to use chemicals in our everyday environment that interrupt nervous system messaging and blood/brain sugar metabolism? Do we have an epidemic on our hands, or do we really have a hidden, chemical warfare that we are each participating in? I’d say, consciousness hurts sometimes, but it is necessary if we wish to understand our world, ourselves, and how we are participating in a fuller degree so we can steer this ship, our humanity , in the healthiest way possible, FOR the next generations. FOR intelligence. FOR compassion. FOR life.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

Herbal Medicine, Teas, Mini-Consultations and Fermentation TOMORROW!

Come see your Community Herbalist, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson at Storytree Farm tomorrow from 10-3 PM! I’ll be talking, walking, and doing creations with Herbal Medicine, Wild Weeds, Tea Making, Mini-Consultations (bring your own questions!), Fermentation, Pickling, and more, whatever the day and questions bring, we’ll roll with that! There will be other teachers, including a fermented drink specialist and a beer brewing artisan. The farm will have ongoing tours, and there are many other farms participating, so have a ball! Did I mention that this is a FREE event? Hope to see you there!!! 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

15th Annual WSU Harvest Celebration Farm Tour
September 21, 2013
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Storytree Farm
Come visit this close-in urban fringe farm and discover how biologically sound cultural
practices can produce a bounty of beautiful, delicious, healthful food. This family owned CSA
farm grows a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers without the use of
petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers.
Meet the goats and chickens, and have a chat with the owners while you stroll through their
diverse gardens, orchards and vineyard. Ongoing free workshops. Bring a snack or lunch,
and enjoy a picnic on the lawn. *For biosecurity, please leave pets and livestock at home.
Free workshops for 2013
Ongoing throughout the day: Home Beer Brewing with Shawn Morrill
Bring a friend and mingle with other brewing aficionados while Shawn prepares a batch of
his famous homebrew. Shawn will demonstrate the process while participants ask questions
and take notes. This is going to be serious fun!
10:00 a.m. Lacto-Fermentation and Pickling Demo and Discussion with Certified
Herbalist Summer Michaelson. Summer’s popular workshops sell out fast. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
We expect this free workshop to be very well attended. Bring a pen and
paper; your questions are welcome, and you’ll want to take notes.
11:00 a.m. Water Kefir with Kileah McIlvain. Have you heard of the health benefits of
Kefir? Here’s your opportunity to learn how to make your own. Kileah’s joyful
personality and extensive knowledge of fermented beverages will make this
free workshop a must-see.
12:00 p.m. Make Nourishing Tea from Wild Plants with Summer Michaelson, CH.
Learn to create your own delicious and soothing teas from nature’s bounty.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
1:00 p.m. Fermentation and Pickling Demo and Discussion with Summer
Michaelson, CH. A second opportunity to expand your knowledge of lacto-
fermented and pickled foods.
Directions: From I-205, take exit 32 to Padden Parkway West (back over I-205). Turn
north at Andresen Road (becomes NE 72
Avenue). Continue north about 1½ miles, then
turn west on NE 123rd St. Follow this road for ½ mile, as it curves around and eventually
becomes NE 124th Street, the farm will be on your left.
Storytree Farm
6227 NE 124th Street
Vancouver 98686

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

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