Hungarian and World Ancestral Blessings!

I started writing poetry when I was a little one, and here is one of my poems from when I was 9’ish. I’m sharing with you all so everyone may have a Hearty Halloween of laughter and gratitude for the Harvests, the Change of Seasons, and Thanking and Blessing our Ancestors! This has a long tradition centuries upon centuries in my own Hungarian Family, the Ancestral Blessing. May we bless everything, our very lives, our very food, our very gifted abundance, our very life! ūüôāOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am a Witch from Halloween

You may seem me at my screen.

If you remember my pointy hat,

You may come in for a feast of gnats.

I am a Witch from Halloween

You may see me at my screen.

If you come for Trick O’Treat,

You’ll be next on my list to eat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gulyas Halloween Blessings!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Serendipity Plant Lore’s November Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshop @Neighbor’s Market!

Serendipity Plant Lore is coming back to Neighbor’s Market for another fun workshop on preserving local Autumn foods! We’ll preserve all sorts of things, with a fun project for you! Whispers about are begging for more Hungarian Pear Pickling, so Summer’s Hungarian Pickled Pears and Toltott Korte may be IN THE CLASS LINEUP TOO as we pickle and naturally preserve many other things with! ūüôā

Many of you have been sending emails asking when Serendipity Plant Lore will be teaching this workshop again, and it’s finally time, Autumn IS HERE! This workshop will be hosted by one of my favorite local grocers, Neighbor’s Market, 1707 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington.


A little Autumn reminisce about the roots of this class, the very first Farm to host this workshop is a favorite local CSA farm, Storytree Farm, in 2008. At that time, I had written out a mission statement for this particular class. I came across this mission statement in my papers this week, it brought back memory, remembrance of students and love, and a comparison to see where my feelings/thoughts are now. I still feel the same way. Teaching about Ancient Nutrition and Ol’ Fashioned Food Storage Techniques, and about the way our Family eats, nutrition for our two sons healing from Autism, has impacted every food choice we make, and it is all about LOVE. As a Community Herbalist, Nutrition is always a building block of a loving and nourishing community, in every way, shape and form.

6th Annual Ol’ Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshops are coming up! A favorite workshop, this is a fun, hands on workshop devoted to the understanding of traditional food storage techniques that use the basic gifts of earth, air, water and salt to put up food in a creative and individual way, to best enhance the flavor, nutrition, over-all health and pure excitement of fresh, local whole food and garden harvests. This class is poetry in motion and participants are encouraged to bring their ideas, questions and recipes, every class is unique!

We’ll cover techniques for Lacto-Fermentation, Pickling, Oiling, Wet and Dry Salting, Summer’s Hungarian Salt Preserves, Drying, Cold Cellar Storage and more low energy techniques and recipes!

This class is also potluck, so please bring a dish to share, your own plate, mug, fork, spoon and napkin.

Date: Saturday, November 9th 2013

Time: 1-3 PM’ish

Location: Neighbor’s Market, 1707 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington

Cost: $40, Pre-registration only to guarantee a spot!

What to Bring: A dish and or snack to share, pen and paper, eating utensils, questions, and a heart ready to have fun!

Discount: Sign up and pre-pay with a Friend and each of you will receive a $5 discount off the registration fee!


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CHOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife at our House! 021

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Remnants of a Transylvanian Garden In Vancouvertown!

  • Yes! Transylvania comes to mind as Olde Hallows Eve approaches. A time of transition between seasons, a dusting off of fresh life, as it withers into the cozy bed of sleep for the winter. Life dreams in the Winter-time, Olde Hallows Eve celebrates the dancing between veils.

Pumpkins we grew, from accidental seedling, grew magnificently. They matured beautifully before the rains came and spotted the squash leaves. By then tho’, it was no matter. The growing work had been done, what a gift!¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fuscias blooming one last moment, in an encore of frilly-ness. I was able to get a picture under their dresses too! Yeah, I’m THAT kind of Herbalist!¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



















Booming Orange Leaf on Grasses Green.








Uncovering my precious Dandelion Greens from Leaf Jewels.









Tired, tired Fairies. They work so hard in the cold and rain. There are Winter Fairies that are waking now, but these Fairies are ready to relax and have a nice snuggle with the medicinal roots.








Feverfew’s Last stand!








Darlin’ Dahlias, given to me this summer by a close friend, are going out with a bang!!!









White Worn Daisy Dumpling, Covered in the Tears of Tomorrow’s Tidings.









Butterfly Bush decked out with Black Omen Flowers for Olde Hallows Eve!








Cinderella Pumpkins, or Vouge vif D’Tampes, a delicious heirloom squash!








Comfrey’s last stand against the FDA! NOT!!!








Geranium Gem in Raincoat Weather.








Green Goes the Nasturtiums, they got very jealous of the Grass Next Door!








Bright Lights in Dark Weather.








The Ghosts are Piling Up!!! Time to let them go!!!


Gulyas Blessings!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

A Sermon by Wendell Berry, Beautiful Light!

If you’re a Farmer, an Herbalist, if you’ve got Heart or want to connect with your Heart, if you’re an Environmentalist, a Liberal, a Republican, or a combination of the Colors Purple and Orange, if you’re a Poet, a Lover, a Contemplative, a Prayerful and Meditative Soul, if you care for More than just instant gratification, especially socially, then this is for you. You’ll love the beautiful, fierce, tender words spoken of this whole hearted Man of Truth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Listen, and then, if you’re willing, bring into contemplation or prayer the question of why the Native Black Willows are dying by the River, and how a Human Being could possibly be healthy. Why are the Willows going? Perhaps, the truths within the children’s book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss isn’t a children’s book. Living Beings pick up and leave, why?

Why have many Farmers sold out their Freedom and Health, themselves? There is always time to awaken, re-evaluate, learn and grow, but only in the presence of self awareness and truth can that ever be possible. That is a very deep religious truth, not an insight of merely lip service.

Is there “justification for the permanent destruction of the world?” What sayeth your own soul?

“The world and our life are conditional gifts.”~Wendell Berry

Why have so many fallen away from this truth, contained within the Gospels?

“In defense of precious things, and in¬†gratitude¬†of precious things.”~Wendell Berry

I agree, that that is what my own life is about, and we are each responsible for our own self awareness and self growth. It takes growing from a perpetual childhood gimmees to move into the beautiful role of Stewardship.

Things to contemplate, life to live, to work with, to be with. Working with all of life in respect. Standing up where you are and do what needs doing, out of your HEART workings, heart lovings, heart weavings.~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

As I’ve always said, the minute we stop standing in our own integrity for what is right, especially to go with public opinion or propaganda, is the minute we have let¬†our-self¬†fall away from Truth. It can always be reclaimed, every moment we are given new choices and opportunities to stand with Life, For Life, in a Pro-Life stance that actually includes all Life, not just human fetuses. THAT is the strongest of¬†integrity.¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our children are inheriting this world as we speak. All children are, of all species, or all Kingdoms. Our responsibility to handle all with LOVE is what we have been asked to do, in this time of a conditional gift of LOVE the Creator has given us.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

November Happen-in’s, Azure, Salt Splits, Herbs and More! :)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY ZACHARY!!! Congratulations Velazquez FAMILY!!! ūüôā¬†

Howdy Folks! It’s time to talk about November Orders, Happenings and Events, Herbs and Teas!¬†

Our Azure Standard¬†Ordering Cut-Off is this next Friday, November 1st at 4 PM!¬†Pickup is¬†the following Tuesday, November 5th.¬†Please note a change in pickup times,¬†pickup is now from 3-6 PM¬†to allow space for splits between delivery and pickup. If you have a specific need, please contact me to arrange a pickup time prior to delivery…otherwise, I do ask that you please pick up your order and splits during the group time on the delivery day! Thank you!!!¬†

For those new to Azure, please give Azure Standard a call to get a free member number (then you can see prices!) and provide the drop point information. From then on out, you’ll be able to place orders directly inside the Azure Standard Website!¬†¬†

Drop Point #

Vancouver, WA ¬†(send an email if you’re local for details)

If you have questions, please shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Salt Splits!¬†We’re opening¬†three¬†bulk buys this month.¬†¬†

The first is the Fabulous Himalayan Sea Salt, beautiful, red flaked and fine. $1.60 a bagged pound. 

The second salt is another equally beautiful salt called Celtic Sea Salt@ $2.90 a bagged pound. 

The third salt is¬†Redmond’s Real Salt¬†@ $2.30 a bagged pound.¬†

Thank you to our member Helen S. who is bringing down lovely bay leaves for our group to share this next delivery day. Thank you Helen for always thinking of us when you trim your tree!!!!! 

Workshop Announcements!¬†This Tuesday is a¬†Pear Pickling Party at Neighbors Market¬†on Main Street Vancouver! If you would like to attend, please read the details in my blog post…and if you have an extra counter top stove burner, please bring it on down, I have a feeling we’re really going to be partying!!! DIGITAL CAMERA
On Saturday, November 9th is our Next¬†Olde Fashioned Preserving the Autumn Harvest Workshop¬†where we will learn even more about olde and healthy methods of preserving foods naturally and to the highest nutritional benefit with the lowest amount of electricity. I haven’t done the write up for this workshop yet, but here is the description for the one Serendipity Plant Lore did last weekend at Neighbor’s Market. Please shoot me an email if you would like to register, I am encouraging pre-payments as this enables me to know what I need in supplies! Thank you!
Share Orchards Donation Round-Up:¬†Many of you have gathered things with me that we have swapped and donated down to the Share Orchards Inn, which is a 30 day Shelter for those people in need, especially families, children, and people with disabilities, to get back on their feet again. I feel very good about the work happening there, and many of us continue monthly to gather belongings to donate…but sometimes I forget to put the notice out. That said, got extra food, clothes, things in good condition you would like to offer to the group for barter and trades or for donation? Bring them down!!! Anything not taken at the end of pickup will get packed up and donated to Share Orchards Shelter directly by me!
Koya Designs (Herbalist Pat Wilson’s Creations)~¬†High Quality Shea & Coconut Balms $13.50, Italian Herb and Spice Blend and Pat’s (FAMOUS) Mexican Spice, $6.50 a bottle. Beautiful hand-crafter crocheted bags and washcloths by member Christine of Christine’s Creations, each $7.50.
Serendipity Plant Lore Herbal Tea Offerings~
Serendipity Plant Lore has beautiful hand grown, hand sourced, sustainable and ethically¬†wild-crafted¬†herbal teas for $7 a box/sack. Each of the tea offerings has been used by this herbalist for many decades to aid health, enjoyment and vitality, recovery from many health problems. They have ‚Äúlived‚ÄĚ with me for so long, they have become part of me, and I am excited to have these offerings which truly support our family and the work as I continue my ongoing education and offering sliding scale consultations for those in need. Customs blends also available. Choose from:

~Lovin’ Liver Tea (your liver will be happy!)

~Summer Time Afternoon Tea (relaxing and sweet)

~Great Grandmother Gertrude’s Memory Lovin’ Tea (brain cell oxygenating crew!)

~Green Tonic Tune (tuning cells and soul together!)

~Vanilla Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)

~Cinnamon Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)

~Great Gert’s Cold Hand and Foot Tea (circulatory warming tea for the cold)

~Galloping Gertrude’s Tea (relaxing and locally nutritious)

~Flu Flummox Tea (just befuddle your flu bugs in style!)

~Arabian Summer Tea (a tea to remind you of the smells of an Arabian Love Garden, with plants that touch our center, build up the immune system, and sweep away what needs to be swept away.)

~Shepherd‚Äôs Tea! When you want to corral those¬†irksome¬†viral beings and nondescript¬†inflammatory triggers, what you need is a Shepherd to round ‚Äėem up and over the bluff!

~Organic Olive Leaf Tea, an anti-viral, anti-oxidant tea to ward off the minions of Mordor!

~Delicious Radheish Chai!

~Organic Greek Oregano,the Incredible Edible of Viral Busting (and seasoning)! 

Not all teas are listed, I have many others drying or dried that haven’t made “the list” yet. If you would like Chamomile,Lemon Balm, Orange Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosehips,Rue,Motherwort, Comfrey and more, please give a hollar!! I’m still harvesting and drying, so doin’ my best to fill orders! Most tea herbs that are available are extras, and help support many projects happening at this Herbstead. Thank you for your support!

Holiday Scrubs!

Serendipity Plant Lore¬†has boxes of lovely¬†Bath Salts¬†available for $7 a box. These are a combination of beautiful salts that are whole and lovely and good for a range of conditions, above all, beauty and enjoyment! Pamper yourself, or ‚Äútreat‚ÄĚ yourself with the following, made to order goodies that are organic, with no chemicals and only pure ingredients:

~Rosemary Pecan

~Mandarin Lime

~Candy Cane

~Balsam Rose

~Winterlyptus Land

~Lavender Sage Love

Gulyas Blessings!
Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Pear Pickling Party @ Neighbor’s Market!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeter Piper Picked and Pickled a Peck of Perfect Pears

and Peter Piper Picked and Pickled.

If Peter Piper Picked and Pickled a Peck of Perfect Pears,

how many Pickled Pears did Peter Piper Peck and Pickle?

Find out the answer this coming Tuesday, October 29th at Neighbor’s Market! Come join me, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH of Serendipity Plant Lore and Lynn Krogseng of Neighbor’s Market for a fun, communal Pear Pickling Pot-luck!

What to bring: Yourself! Pears! Organic Apple Cider Vinegar of 5% Acidity! Organic Sugar! Your Own Jar! Whipped Cream if you want to be REALLY fancy! Bring a munchie for a little pot-luck while we cook and wait. Bring your own vegetable peeler! These items will also be available to purchase, fresh from the Farmers at Neighbor’s Market!

We will Pickle Together, Sing Together, and learn Olde Fashioned Recipes that require low energy for storing. Just real livin’! Real getting together! Real conversation!!! Real Lovin’!

Date: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

When: 11AM-2:30’ish

Where: Neighbors Market, 1707 Main Street, Vancouver WA

Cost: Free + Supplies

What To Bring:¬†Supplies, must contribute to the community pot if you would like to take some home for yourself, pears and other fresh goodies available to purchase at Neighbor’s Market. Bring something for a pot-luck¬†munch-y¬†as we’ll hang out in the back room for some time as our Peck of Pickled Pears Permeate to Perfection!

Extra Table Top Burners…if you’ve got one sitting at home, bring it down for use in case our gathering goes Pickling Global!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Undermining Livlihood of the Common People!

Thanks to a friend for sending this very good article. More to contemplate on the issue of GMO’s and what lies before us

“As indigenous corn varieties lose their ability to produce in southern Mexico, yields will decrease and the campesinos‚Äô livelihood will be undermined. The natural evolution of new corn varieties is also threatened due to this pollution.”

Think about this, and when you read slick adds that sweet talk you into giving up your seed and your seed saving skills for some “temporary” higher yields with expensive chemicals and inputs, please take a moment to consider what you are doing with your own food¬†sovereignty and food liberty.

I know one thing, most wars in history have been over who controls food. Food is a right of the people, seeds are given to humanity inside and outside of us to care for, the next generation. Consider wisely, developed nations have as many problems as undeveloped nations…we just hide ours in this country to sell to others an idea that is not working out and has costly consequences.

As if the Farmer Suicides in India isn’t cause enough. Loss of Food Liberty, loss of Food Diversity is at stake.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH


Sweet Talkin’ Glossing Over the Right To Food Liberty!

With local and statewide elections coming up, our souls, and our conscience in Washington State is being called into question. How will we, as a people, respond?

Many of my writings and communications across digital media and in person have been quite direct, clear, and blunt. All of this, has been out of love. Sweet talkin’ to cover lies, deception, is often more socially acceptable. I find a contaminated environment that has hurt my own children, unacceptable. I find a steadily polluted water supply, dirty air, and poor soil quality unacceptable. I find people needing to preserve status at all costs, without a clear call to conscience, anything BUT love. I find children who are healing when switching away from new fangled foods and new fangled food strains, so telling, canaries pointing the way of truth.

I’ve been witness to a huge propaganda campaign, that is quick to leave bad marks on anyone who dares speak up differently, with much industrial lobbying power behind it, with a trickling down effect of persuasion. I’ve seen people not question what they are being told, and accepting and promoting illogical truths, truths under the rally cry of freedom that are covering a war on making Farmers SLAVES (is that really the future of farming that so many farmers are running to handcuff themselves to?). It’s easier to do now, too, because so many farmers have lost traditional farming skills and do not know how to adequately farm for abundance without chemicals and machinery, buying all their seeds and¬†inputs, and¬† ¬†have lost connection with the very land itself and the knowledge contained within her. At the same time, I’ve seen other things happen, people speaking truth even when it hurts, people coming together, people opening their eyes to what is really happening, people making waves of change when they stand up in their own integrity, doin’ what’s right for the sake of what’s right, not just what is most popular. Jesus is a perfect example of standing in one’s own integrity. It was not always accepted by those around him either. The Emperor Has No Clothes. This is¬†becoming¬†visible in this election cycle!!! ūüôā

YES! YEE HAW! Mexico is now taking a stand!!!! To protect her THOUSANDS of varieties of Drought Tolerant Heirloom Corn!!! The Island of Kauai too and 64 countries!!! You too, can imagine a world where seeds are NOT patented and people have¬†both the awesome responsibility and the beautiful abundance of saving one’s own seed, that continues to adapt to ones own local climate.

Justice, and Liberty for all! This is a more beautiful vision for the future than being forced into Farming Slavery, dependence, decreasing abundance of crops as soil fertility goes kaput. Sweet talkin’ can come with much glitzy, expensive propaganda at times, as comes with the selling of new technologies dangled in front of folks face by multi-national corporations that carry no fiscal responsibility when things are all said and done. With FREEDOM comes massive RESPONSIBILITY. If you’re free to grow GMO crops that contaminate others fields and seeds, then you are free to carry that fiscal responsibility yourself.

YES! Labeling is information disclosure, YES!!! ūüôā Yes, I think quite a few folks in the world, joining together in a massive circle for protection of Life, Abundance, and Food Liberty are all on to something! Respect for Life is a beautiful PRAYER for ourselves, our children, and our country. Respect for Life spreads to the four corners of the globe. Our prayers for the Farmer Suicides in India to stop. Patented and Sterile Seeds produce Sterile Fields needing hand pollination. Vote for Love, vote from the heart, vote for the honey bees that are dying around mono-crop technologies, vote for our children, vote for my farming family that carried the olde skills that grew more abundance than I’ve seen from new fangled farming techniques, vote for your local farmers, your local neighbors, vote for reducing the numbers of children being born with birth defects and special needs, vote against cancer, vote for conscience, vote because you care!

More information about I-522. Please vote YES for disclosure, even if the disclosure doesn’t cover much YET, some disclosure, some truth is a step up from no disclosure and no truth! Remember, most food products here and those shipped overseas already have to have a label, let us grant this for our own citizens too. In a world where technology is growing and being released with only corporate testing and oversight, is a world that requires ever increasing efforts of truth and disclosure.

Parting Words and Impressions:

“Remember folks, at this point, it is an Initiative. I haven’t really seen any evidence of Farmers against Farmers, or even Farmers against the Farm Bureau. What I have seen is much undermining of small farmers coming from the Farm Bureau, and it trickles down. I am speaking of the need for labeling after a recent, dishonest and disappointing experience with a local farmer. You know my own heart and how I feel and stand behind farmers with everything I have, myself coming from a long line of a farming and herbalist family, and almost endless community work in that direction, and not all just for my own benefit. I want to point out that the majority of the money that funds the National Farm Bureau is indeed Monsanto Corporate farm funding…it doesn’t mean that that is the case locally. The majority of money in farming is now from large corporate farms and not from the small, holistic, family farms working the land, and that is according to the National Farm Bureau’s own statistics. No accusations are being made, whatsoever. When people speak of matter of truth, it is to bring truth into discussion. From another standpoint, the farmers who are against labeling here locally, are those already growing some GMO’s. Personally, I do not judge a person for what they believe or what they do. Only when there is discrepancy between what they say and do. I would rather have a right out conversation with someone who holds a view point or a belief, and stands behind that with integrity, or is open to a real open minded discussion, then farmers or people who play between different sides, as is convenient for them. I find it interesting that some Initiatives will never include enough to be voted in, while other laws are passed with no public thought. This one really is important because its asking for truth. It may not be *enough* truth to satisfy us folks, but I’d rather some truth than no truth! Truth starts somewhere!

Once Truth gets a foothold in, it tends to build. This is why my concern over this Citizen’s Initiative not containing enough Truth falls by the wayside, because it is the bridge to more truth. Such a short while ago, labeling was unnecessary, but as sugar isn’t simply sugar anymore, as seeds are simply not seeds anymore, as more ingredients have become inverted in processing, our technology needs to catch up with our hearts some. So many people are so worried about protecting their own interests all the time, that the public sphere is falling apart. My heart is always with the Farmers and the Farming Community, but my heart knows something else, the very heart of farming is heart, working for oneself, having the skills that selectively breed for conditions on one land, being forthright as my Grandfather’s always are, looking one in the eye, without a mean spirit, telling truth, for what ones truth is. Doesn’t mean I don’t support Farmers or Farm Bureau by sayin’ that. Of course you know my heart, but I don’t like to see spin when I encounter it either. My experience with a less than truthful local farmer is the reason we need labeling.”~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

*Playing the different sides is not the same as holding the polarity of the two sides together. One has to do with deriving the best benefit from both sides under less than truthful conditions and maneuvering other people where you want them, the other is understanding people are people, there are at least two sides of the issue, and taking an educated stand on one side or another with an open mind and deeply reflective information if one intends to participate in the democratic process authentically.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

A Question I Received About Autism, Fibromyalgia and Other Neuro-toxic Conditions!

This blog post was brought to my attention by a friend, and I was asked what I think about this, since a lot of my work focuses on moving people through the healing phases of these conditions. This is not meant as a criticism, for one, but to flesh out some basic healing principles from the global perspective of holistic healing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I agree with her viewpoint in that she is catching on to some basic truths herself and making sense of them, but she also missing the bigger picture in this article. The whole purpose for healing the ROOT CAUSES in gut pathologies, autism, ADD and etc. is exactly that, healing the root causes. There is NO SUCH THING AS GOOD AND BAD BACTERIA. Aha! Not in essence. What we find in conditions of abnormal gut pathology is the inability of the mucosal lining (ie substrate) to support a diverse amount of organisms, such as found in a healthy gut. Thus, we regrow this substrate. The second part of this equation is desensitization and reprogramming of the immune system. Her article is based on a viewpoint of secondary research she is interpreting without the observational analysis of those who actually help people to heal from this whole situation. The problem with reliance on lab tests for decisions and on specialized probiotic formulas is life doesn’t work that way, when the intestine is in a mono-theistic situation, the whole purpose is to heal it enough to move into a poly-theistic position. When one has a poor intestinal substrate, overgrowths of bacteria, good or bad are occurring, that’s the problem. That’s the CAUSE OF THE NEUROTOXICITY. So she got it partially right, and the writer on this blog is very intelligent, but only partially right. Science is good for tearing things apart, but one must always come back to a global perspective on how to put it back together. Furthermore, I am very careful with die-off reactions. I generally choose to move people through a set of them sparingly, and then what I preach, the mantra of “low and slow”. Too many people want to get into the most dramatic of movements, and there is a time for them at certain points. Low and slow and moving the diet in a certain way is the way, because we’re wanting to support the organ functions so they start RIGHTING THEMSELVES on their own.

I can’t cure someone’s liver, for instance, as a healer, researcher or scientist…but I can use science to tear down the variables in a backwards fashion then move the variables together in a changed way to work on the healing of that organ into a new pattern. SCD is an olde diet, with its beginnings between two doctors in the early 1900’s, based on observational research predating that by other healers. It is hard moving folks, in the online communities into the proper purposes of these diets, they are literally tearing apart something to build it back together again. Too many people get stuck on minutia without understanding how the biological system works. In the case of bacteria and neurotoxicity, essentially, that’s autism. There is no such thing as good or bad bacteria. Overgrowth and unbalanced bacteria combined with an extra permeable intestine which releases bacterial toxins into the body, causing toxicity to swirl in the body and nervous system, a depleted liver and kidney capacity, and various degrees of permeable brain/blood barriers and demyelination. We start with breaking down and rebuilding to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

The blog above, the writer has it HALF right, but instead of probiotics being the “cause” she is simply describing the actual process that is HAPPENING. I’m not a big fan of laboratory probiotics because of their lack of diversity. They are helpful for loading for short periods of time until other sources of natural probiotics can be handled and to reduce more dangerous overgrowths like clostridium, strep and candida. Even candida is not bad in itself, has a purpose in dealing with an ongoing toxic condition of acidosis. In fibromyalgia, studies are indicating an increase in intestinal hyperpermeability, suggesting, that the condition of neurotoxicity from unbalanced gut bacteria overloading the body through the gut wall instead of release through the digestive process, IS THE FACTOR CAUSING NEUROTOXICITY. Changing this all around is what we aim to do.

The writer is right, often this causes some temporary bumps, but as keeping with the global perspective, I generally suggest low and slow and getting off the addictive processes of fasting, big healing crisis dumps (some people like to see those continually, I don’t, but a few ARE unavoidable). Remember, setting the stage for healing with low and slow changes, makes it possible for the body, overtime, to do the work of ARIGHTING ITSELF. So therefore, stimulating deep healing is what we’r after, not necessarily hooking into lifelong habits of expensive health products.~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

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