Sweet Talkin’ Glossing Over the Right To Food Liberty!

With local and statewide elections coming up, our souls, and our conscience in Washington State is being called into question. How will we, as a people, respond?

Many of my writings and communications across digital media and in person have been quite direct, clear, and blunt. All of this, has been out of love. Sweet talkin’ to cover lies, deception, is often more socially acceptable. I find a contaminated environment that has hurt my own children, unacceptable. I find a steadily polluted water supply, dirty air, and poor soil quality unacceptable. I find people needing to preserve status at all costs, without a clear call to conscience, anything BUT love. I find children who are healing when switching away from new fangled foods and new fangled food strains, so telling, canaries pointing the way of truth.

I’ve been witness to a huge propaganda campaign, that is quick to leave bad marks on anyone who dares speak up differently, with much industrial lobbying power behind it, with a trickling down effect of persuasion. I’ve seen people not question what they are being told, and accepting and promoting illogical truths, truths under the rally cry of freedom that are covering a war on making Farmers SLAVES (is that really the future of farming that so many farmers are running to handcuff themselves to?). It’s easier to do now, too, because so many farmers have lost traditional farming skills and do not know how to adequately farm for abundance without chemicals and machinery, buying all their seeds and inputs, and   have lost connection with the very land itself and the knowledge contained within her. At the same time, I’ve seen other things happen, people speaking truth even when it hurts, people coming together, people opening their eyes to what is really happening, people making waves of change when they stand up in their own integrity, doin’ what’s right for the sake of what’s right, not just what is most popular. Jesus is a perfect example of standing in one’s own integrity. It was not always accepted by those around him either. The Emperor Has No Clothes. This is becoming visible in this election cycle!!! 🙂


YES! YEE HAW! Mexico is now taking a stand!!!! To protect her THOUSANDS of varieties of Drought Tolerant Heirloom Corn!!! The Island of Kauai too and 64 countries!!! You too, can imagine a world where seeds are NOT patented and people have both the awesome responsibility and the beautiful abundance of saving one’s own seed, that continues to adapt to ones own local climate.

Justice, and Liberty for all! This is a more beautiful vision for the future than being forced into Farming Slavery, dependence, decreasing abundance of crops as soil fertility goes kaput. Sweet talkin’ can come with much glitzy, expensive propaganda at times, as comes with the selling of new technologies dangled in front of folks face by multi-national corporations that carry no fiscal responsibility when things are all said and done. With FREEDOM comes massive RESPONSIBILITY. If you’re free to grow GMO crops that contaminate others fields and seeds, then you are free to carry that fiscal responsibility yourself.

YES! Labeling is information disclosure, YES!!! 🙂 Yes, I think quite a few folks in the world, joining together in a massive circle for protection of Life, Abundance, and Food Liberty are all on to something! Respect for Life is a beautiful PRAYER for ourselves, our children, and our country. Respect for Life spreads to the four corners of the globe. Our prayers for the Farmer Suicides in India to stop. Patented and Sterile Seeds produce Sterile Fields needing hand pollination. Vote for Love, vote from the heart, vote for the honey bees that are dying around mono-crop technologies, vote for our children, vote for my farming family that carried the olde skills that grew more abundance than I’ve seen from new fangled farming techniques, vote for your local farmers, your local neighbors, vote for reducing the numbers of children being born with birth defects and special needs, vote against cancer, vote for conscience, vote because you care!

More information about I-522. Please vote YES for disclosure, even if the disclosure doesn’t cover much YET, some disclosure, some truth is a step up from no disclosure and no truth! Remember, most food products here and those shipped overseas already have to have a label, let us grant this for our own citizens too. In a world where technology is growing and being released with only corporate testing and oversight, is a world that requires ever increasing efforts of truth and disclosure.









Parting Words and Impressions:

“Remember folks, at this point, it is an Initiative. I haven’t really seen any evidence of Farmers against Farmers, or even Farmers against the Farm Bureau. What I have seen is much undermining of small farmers coming from the Farm Bureau, and it trickles down. I am speaking of the need for labeling after a recent, dishonest and disappointing experience with a local farmer. You know my own heart and how I feel and stand behind farmers with everything I have, myself coming from a long line of a farming and herbalist family, and almost endless community work in that direction, and not all just for my own benefit. I want to point out that the majority of the money that funds the National Farm Bureau is indeed Monsanto Corporate farm funding…it doesn’t mean that that is the case locally. The majority of money in farming is now from large corporate farms and not from the small, holistic, family farms working the land, and that is according to the National Farm Bureau’s own statistics. No accusations are being made, whatsoever. When people speak of matter of truth, it is to bring truth into discussion. From another standpoint, the farmers who are against labeling here locally, are those already growing some GMO’s. Personally, I do not judge a person for what they believe or what they do. Only when there is discrepancy between what they say and do. I would rather have a right out conversation with someone who holds a view point or a belief, and stands behind that with integrity, or is open to a real open minded discussion, then farmers or people who play between different sides, as is convenient for them. I find it interesting that some Initiatives will never include enough to be voted in, while other laws are passed with no public thought. This one really is important because its asking for truth. It may not be *enough* truth to satisfy us folks, but I’d rather some truth than no truth! Truth starts somewhere!

Once Truth gets a foothold in, it tends to build. This is why my concern over this Citizen’s Initiative not containing enough Truth falls by the wayside, because it is the bridge to more truth. Such a short while ago, labeling was unnecessary, but as sugar isn’t simply sugar anymore, as seeds are simply not seeds anymore, as more ingredients have become inverted in processing, our technology needs to catch up with our hearts some. So many people are so worried about protecting their own interests all the time, that the public sphere is falling apart. My heart is always with the Farmers and the Farming Community, but my heart knows something else, the very heart of farming is heart, working for oneself, having the skills that selectively breed for conditions on one land, being forthright as my Grandfather’s always are, looking one in the eye, without a mean spirit, telling truth, for what ones truth is. Doesn’t mean I don’t support Farmers or Farm Bureau by sayin’ that. Of course you know my heart, but I don’t like to see spin when I encounter it either. My experience with a less than truthful local farmer is the reason we need labeling.”~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

*Playing the different sides is not the same as holding the polarity of the two sides together. One has to do with deriving the best benefit from both sides under less than truthful conditions and maneuvering other people where you want them, the other is understanding people are people, there are at least two sides of the issue, and taking an educated stand on one side or another with an open mind and deeply reflective information if one intends to participate in the democratic process authentically.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

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  1. November 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    […] Something to remember: “GMO Food Labeling isn’t regulating food, it’s disclosure per citizen request, like we do for MSG, ingredients  [dairy, wheat, eggs], etc. This, however, is the REAL food regulation coming down the pike!!!  Knowing the difference is crucial to taking action to help small, holistic farms and farmers and artisan producers.”  – Summer Michaelson.  Her blog about these things can be found here. […]

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