Hungarian Forest Weavings

More beauty, the Weavings of Life. Always Sacred, always Holy, always Amazing. What LOVE everywhere!

It’s a pleasure to share this beautiful folk song, and weavings, sewings of love, of history, and of place.011

Everywhere my family has lived in the Carpathian Basin, they have incorporated the pattern of the LAND into the weaving. Family history, not by book, but by cloth. The woven cloth of life, how much love do we put into our own piece?



(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Farkas and Takacs Family Teachings on Weaving Through the Path Of Fear

Living, Loving, Being, it is what the road to life is about, the teachings we live through so that we learn about what it is here we are to learn about. We learn about ourselves, and our world. It is healthy to learn and to grow. The flowers do it! The baby bees do it! Wolf pups do it! Bear cubs too! Trees grow it, and Human Beings grow too.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There is one obstruction to the path of Growth, and that path be Fear. I’m afraid, the fragile being says. I’m hurt, can’t show my hurt, for I get more hurt, the shivering child being says. Always the punished child hides, the child shown no love, the child who is lost. The child who is resentful when not getting its way. The child who demands of Mother, and afraid of Mother, awestruck by Mother, getting attention by Mother, avoiding Mother.

But there’s the flip side to living a life of Fear. The flip side is openness and love. Healing. Growing, getting in touch with oneself, letting go of that which is of no use, letting in the enlightening. And so it is, and always is, when we weave with the weaving of Life, a Beautiful Soul, so Living, so Breathing, so Heart Beating, So NOW! Home and Hearth 024

In Hungary, when sitting down to the loom, we put our attention onto our work, as some of the work requires effort. With the effort, the desire for healing and growth, comes the other hand, the hand of Love that brings down the Grace, so our weaving, no matter how home-style, is beautiful.

Blessed are all the children, may they not be made to carry the Fear of their Ancestors. May they be free of the clutches of souls who refuse their healing, may their people stand up and freely be, their parents, their guardians, to clear the way for their light to shine! I give blessings to all my Ancestors, who teach me with the Family Teachings, the Carpathian Teachings. The Teachings of Love, the Teachings of Sharing, the Teachings of Being, the Teachings of the Mountain Lands.

Wolves walk alongside the Weavers, We Weavers on looms so ancient have deep loyal love, and Teaching Bites! All along the flowing for opening, for love, for Grace, for Becoming, For Being, so is the road of the Wolves (Farkas) and Weavers (Takacs), the Hungarian names of my Family Tribes.

These are very deep teaching stories, healing stories that I share from the Farkas and Takacs Families. These stories come from my Ancestors to you, and are perennial stories strait from the loom, out of wild mountains in the Carpathian Basin. Two thousand years ago, my FAMILY immigrated from the Western Ural Mountains down into the Carpathian Basin. These Family Stories are OLDE stories, that have survived for TWO MILLENNIUMS.

Their meanings have as much relevance now, as from before. I share these with Gulyas Blessings!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Come join me for a Fermentation Chat and Delightful Garden and Foraged Herbs Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will be at Velvet Acres Gardens for the Stocking Up Pantry Event, sitting in the back of a Blue Subaru, krauting it out, talking about Wild Foraging, Plant Mysteries, and selling herbs and tea. Hope to see you there! 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Addy here.

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Sporing Days! Walking Lightly, the Forest Is Not There Just For People.

Days of Lovely Sporing. There’s so much joy in Sporing. Walking in the Woods, puts so much clarity into my step. So much love. Here are some Friends I’ve been Sporing with, sharing, loving. being. Dainty Orange Umbrellas. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Little Fairy Beads. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bread on Butter. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Star Belly Sneetches. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA White Krinkle Folds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Orange Holding Cups. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Red Orange Ribbon Claws. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Water Filled Plinking Pores. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bright Crimson Wallowing Slippy Slides. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Blue Bubblegum Shoes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Forest Eggs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wooly Warmth. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Something Olde. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cheeky Pleasures. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Clucking Cliques. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finishing Maze. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thumbshine Family. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Golden Sun Disk. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Launching Lode O’ Spores! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Walking Woods, with Many Friends, Lovers, and a Lens! Oh, how the love we feel, the love we seek, is ever present, and how far and wide each individual can spore, everyone different, trillions of thousands of Mycelium, and still no two the same, no two the same. Some with thoughts of harvest, some with thoughts of worships, some with thoughts of pulling parasites, others with thoughts of loving collaboration. As the Teachings of the Woods, The Down Under Places that eat the life, the down under life, living, beating Being. Down under, I heard a tree fall in the forest, I heard it fall, Tree Being Hear. In a time, not so long ago, in soaring air, and rays downward flow, was a snail. A snail who saw and who sought, the things of little. A snail that moved in a gliding over gilded forest floor of pine-cone pinewood arrows. What the snail found, the snail always knew, but a hawk wanted that too. ‘Tis the time of dancing whirls, of heaven swirls, of beauty curls, and so, this is how Hawk and Snail are known to one another. Snail rode in Hawk, Hawk around Snail, and so they danced and unfurled in their ways. Gulyas Blessings to ALL! (c) 2013, 2014 Summer L. Farkas Takács–Michaelson, CH


Who’s Funding Yes on I-522, and Who’s Funding No on I-522?

Clarity, dizzying, dazzling clarity. When organizations say yes or no, please realize where their interests and funding is coming from, and make a decision from awareness!


No matter how large or how small, I will always vote for an increase in disclosure, an increase in truth, honesty and love. I’d rather just stay with small producers outside the system anyway, but even they must know FOR SURE where their seeds are coming from…without disclosure about GMO’s, truth is at a loss.

Truth is lovely! Access to truth gets the ball rolling for more access to truth. 🙂 Then we know. People’s Food stays with the People!!!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

The Pushback Against Truth In Disclosure Initiative Is Flimsy and Unethical!

Why should I, as an Herbalist, be concerned about the upcoming initiative in Washington State? Simply, in the pursuit of truth and disclosure. I’m one of those rare old birds who believes in Democracy and Truth, Love and Well Being. Initiatives are nothing more than grassroots proposals for new legislation. Before paranoid fantasies get carried too far afield through the mechanisms of sophisticated thought reform, let us just understand WHAT an initiative is in the first place, then PONDER why so many organizations that benefit from keeping everything hidden, and status quo, are so INVESTED in their machines of persuasion! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many organizations that have direct funding and links with Monsanto are publishing many untruths in the bid to sway minds about why voting for GMO labeling will tear apart farming and health as we know it (which, in the US, are both diminishing rapidly, if we do not take steps now). One of the most common pieces of propaganda, is that Initiative I-522 is poorly written, so therefore, people should take moral high ground and not vote on it.  I would agree myself, that it is poorly written, but I also know it is a start in the direction of sorting out labeling, and disclosing truth of origin on food labels. An initiative, is, after-all  a grassroots proposal that introduces an idea, such as truth in disclosure, to the legislature.

I believe my own individual responsibility is at stake without a truth in disclosure labeling about GMO’s, as I have no choice in the way the system is currently operating, which is affecting so much of the food on my plate.

Basically, all initiatives are flawed by the time they get to the voters, as the purpose of an initiative is to create a spark of motivation in a specific direction. Show me something perfectly written and executed in any other Initiative! That argument is a way to drag one’s feet in the mud. Initiatives are a form of direct democracy. It’s a starting point that diverges from the current norm that can be worked on, instead of inaction, keeping things the way they are without disclosure. I will always vote for transparency, right to know information. Let people decide from there. This initiative is, in its essence, not about GMO’s and their proven or unproven value, it really is about disclosure. Voting for the right to know. It is UNFORTUNATE the exclusions written in this initiative, but that can always be worked on. Having honest disclosure, whether in a small step, or a large action is always a step in the way of truth. Looked at from this perspective, whether people are for or against, at least there is truth to be working from.

~At least there is truth to be working from~

One of the issues that has also been brought up, is that this would put trial lawyers onto farmers, suing them left and right. I am sorry, but Monsanto has been suing farmers left and right, with trial lawyers, currently. Any other information to sway the argument this way or that is patently false. Monsanto is funding this campaign that the initiative is written poorly. Which is a counter stroke that benefits this corporation, as they would rather “provide pre-made laboratory choices” than be responsible and truthful, and have sincere truth in labeling. The thought seed, that this labeling law in Washington will open all farmers to being sued is both true, and untrue. Responsibility is a dangerous thing when it comes hawking back on one’s heels. Monsanto’s the one doing the suing! How is that for ironic?

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

GMO Questions Posed To Collective Consciousness

Where is the science showing that sterile seed is a bad idea for the whole human race? Is this not plant abortion???Home and Hearth 006


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas-Takacs Michaelson, CH


Glorious Gifts of Heaven And Earth!

I wrote the bottom two paragraphs on my Facebook page yesterday, October 7th, 2013. I wanted to share a few other personal tidbits as well, as it’s Autumn, and the changing season is bringing changes to my life, both of a personal nature and a larger nature. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On October 6th, I finished two Herbal Apprenticeships, for a total of 22 years of Apprenticeship Training, and I feel, there was a great amount of personal work, sacrifice and experience behind it. On October 1st, I finished a piece of work with two of my own Spiritual Teachers, that lasted almost 3 years. On October 7th, I became an Ordained Minister, so that I may continue my work with welcoming both those Birthing into our world, Healing within the world, and those Leaving. The training has required my all. The Herbal Clinic that I run is looking for a donated space to conduct community work with the homeless and those needing basic healing/health/nutritional/counseling work, on a sliding scale basis (and free to those in crisis and real need) so if anyone hears of anything that might work or open up, or in connection with another office, I would be appreciative for any connects, sizzling ideas for collaborative projects welcome!

Soon, I will be sorting through applications for Apprentices in 2014. I haven’t decided on the date of this yet, but will be announcing within a month.

On a deeply personal level, on October 5th, my Husband Erik of 21 years, asked me an incredible question. He has decided to add my maiden name Takacs (pronounced TaaKaachhh) to Michaelson and asked for my blessing and if I would love to do the same. Our Family is sitting with the idea of legally changing all our last names to reflect both my Husband’s Family Name, and My Family’s Heirloom Name. This has touched my heart so deeply. There will be quite the transition on all legal documents, and will be quite the process best approached in baby steps, but our new last name will eventually arrive, like our family on a boat, with Takacs-Michaelson!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Feelin’ Bittersweet today. I’ve had so many incredible experiences over this last year, and in these last 5 days, so much has happened. I have incredible teachers, working in Psychology and Medicine, and other teachers who have worked with me in Ecology. Almost 22 years of Herbal Apprenticeship under my belt. Some of the work is over. All the teaching relationships will be renewed in the coming year (10). It’s very important to always work on your own light, and not be a harvester of others light, and so we each live our gifts true in respect to one another, in a community. So bittersweet feelin’s, as some areas of training are forever over, but other advanced ones opening up. It is both a mix of accomplishment, which is needed so I am of best service in the work I do, and sorrow, in that certain areas are well traversed.

As I look forward to this next year with more Herbal work, work with my own Apprentices, raising my children, medical training, more Forest Stewardship work, and my Pastoral work, I don’t exactly know how I got here and through all the hard work, yet I do, and I don’t exactly know where all the stamina came from, but I do, and I am amazed both at my level of my talents in action, and my weaknesses that are being strengthened. Both grateful, and humble, excited and sorrowful, looking back and looking ahead. I can’t explain it more than that, but thank you for allowing me to share with all of you, and thank you all who are living your life in a full way, so that we may all be able to live our lives, fully, authentically, and in our own lights!!! More to come about something else heart touching and exciting that happened to me (us) on this past Saturday! ~Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

(c) 2013-2014, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Looking For Homes for Himalayan Salt Split! :)

Perhaps I am being a little bit of a nervous ninny this time, but taking a 7 year ongoing Azure drop and changing its order cycle a bit has got me working this change in a little overtime mode! Tomorrow, October 4th at 4 PM is our Azure order cut-off!

We have opened up a second bag of Himalayan sea salt to split. Looking for homes for 15 lbs of salt @ $1.60 a lb! This is an extremely high quality salt many of us use for culinary creations, fermentation, and to sit around in pretty glass jars.
Happy Thursday! 🙂
Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH
One of the problems with living all over the world growing up, and Hungarian Family is I never learned certain turn of phrases correctly. My Sweet Husband just informed me that the term is “Nervous Nellie”…not “Nervous Ninny”! 🙂

Farkas Takacs Family Coyote Stories of Wisdom Life, Wisdom Being

All lives are journeys. Some lived consciously, some unconsciously. Walking the Path of a Healer, means we work on our journey of wakefulness to life. This opens us up to the magic that is everywhere, the love that is behind every thing, every being. An Inspirited Way to Live, fully, openly, authentically, and without fear.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A True Healing, requires commitment to the quest. Whether this is experienced as commitment to a course of treatment, to a remembering of body alive, to prayer, to song, to dance, to a certain work, creative project, or commitment to hope even when it can’t be seen or felt, another person, it still requires passionate commitment. This kind of commitment is often seen in the way a Mother nurtures and nourishes her baby within the womb. It does take a bit of fire to stick things out, but the more one is true to what they are committed to, the more likely the outcome moves a person into deeper wisdom.

Farkas Takacs Family Coyote Stories of Wisdom Life, Wisdom Being.

Sometimes, Coyote plays tricks. Drops a well placed line of gossip about somebody, someone. Coyote, through a simple machination, can color a group mind about someone or other. When one is on a Healing Quest, one may often encounter Coyote Medicine. Coyote has a positive wisdom that heals, on other hand, Coyote, when selfishly concerned, will maneuver others not for shared benefit, but to take from others under disguise and look for safety by blending into the pack, hiding, stirring chaos, ducking out until it is safe to steal.

Coyote stirs to heal, to move through patterns into new forms of healing. In unconscious Coyote Medicine, Coyote is selfish, maneuvering others in a mix and match game of who to like and who to dislike according to which is of most benefit for the moment, and taking too much of what is others without reciprocity. This Coyote is only concerned on what others possess, how to get it, possession because it wants.

Coyote the Healer doesn’t like the habitual patterns of destruction, and will steal your rabbit but throw the bones on your back. Life isn’t always what it seems, and when we make the breakthrough through illness, we may just find the illness we had was from something that was making us sick. Coyote isn’t easy, but Coyote will eventually make you laugh as the Rabbit grows again, but this time, strong. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH

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