April Azure Action!!! :)

It’s April Azure Action!!! Our order cut-off is THIS Friday, March 28th at 4 PM with delivery the following Wednesday, April 2nd, 2-6 PM!
~MONTHLY (often weekly) SHARE SHELTER DONATION currently in progress! Donate here on Azure Day or on the doorstep, and I will collect and bring to the Share Orchards Shelter! Or donate to SHARE directly yourself! This month, Erin H. had a marvelous idea to share. She suggested that we each order an extra, quality whole foods item from Azure for the donation pile!!! This is great from another perspective…many of the food items donated to SHARE are often low quality processed foods. This is a way to share healthy abundance! 🙂 So let’s make our own Azure Challenge! To participate, add an extra item on your Azure order for SHARE donation!!! (Picture below of a donation last Azure Day)!
Serendipity Plant Lore’s Tea Listing! 

These teas and herbs are highly medicinal, and are extras from my own organic garden and wild forages. All ethically harvested, the exceptions to the herbs that I’ve grown or foraged myself are those like Cinnamon, All Spice, and Red, Black and Green, and Olive Tea Leaves. These are ethically obtained from other Herbalists who have the same great care and ethic. These Tea Herb extras help to support the consultation work for those those in need of receiving free services. I thank you for your support, and hope, in return, you are tantalized with amazing Earth Medicine for your own health care and lovely, compost-able gifts! Some NEW offerings too! Limited Quantities. 🙂

Serendipity Plant Lore has beautiful hand grown, hand sourced, sustainable and ethically wild-crafted herbal teas for $7 a box/sack. Each of the tea offerings has been used by this herbalist for many decades to aid health, enjoyment and vitality, recovery from many health problems. They have “lived” with me for so long, they have become part of me, and I am excited to have these offerings which truly support our family and the work as I continue my ongoing education and offering sliding scale consultations for those in need.Choose from:

~Lovin’ Liver Tea (your liver will be happy!)
~Summer Time Afternoon Tea (relaxing and sweet)
~Great Grandmother Gertrude’s Memory Lovin’ Tea (brain cell oxygenating crew!)
~Green Tonic Tune (tuning cells and soul together!)
~Vanilla Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Cinnamon Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Great Gert’s Cold Hand and Foot Tea (circulatory warming tea for the cold)
~Galloping Gertrude’s Tea (relaxing and locally nutritious)
~Flu Flummox Tea (just befuddle your flu bugs in style!)
~Arabian Summer Tea (a tea to remind you of the smells of an Arabian Love Garden, with plants that touch our center, build up the immune system, and sweep away what needs to be swept away.)
~Shepherd’s Tea! When you want to corral those irksome viral beings and nondescript inflammatory triggers, what you need is a Shepherd to round ‘em up and over the bluff!
~Olive Leaf Tea, an anti-viral, anti-oxidant tea to ward off the minions of Mordor!
~Delicious Radheish Chai!
~Spicy Radheish Chai (inspired by my great friend, Radhe G.)
~Mother’s Milk Tea…to help Mother nourishes Baby Ones.
~Comfrey Leaf
~Elder Flowers
~Pineapple Sage
~Garden Sage
~Rue (only to practitioners)
~Shitake Mushrooms
~Chanterelle Mushrooms
~Lobster Mushrooms (seasonal offering)
~More offerings, please inquire and I will check the Apothecary.
(c) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH
Gulyás Blessings! 
Summer L. Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH
Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”


Picture at right is stuff our food group has collected for donation for the SHARE Shelter in or neighborhood. AWESOME! 🙂

Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies Stream-Bed Romp!

We’ll gather together and carpool to a local, beautiful Creek for a botanical romp near a wooded Stream-Bed. We’ll meet at 9 AM to arrange our carpool caravan and head out for a hike! This is a gentle hike, so suitable for all skill levels. Come out and meet some of the amazing faces of spring, as we hike, identify plants, grow our roots into place and commune!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Date: Saturday, March 29th, 2014.  Location, TBA, meeting location provided with registration. Time: 9AM-12 PM’ish. Cost: $40, or sign up with the Friendship Deal* Promotion.  Pre-registration only to guarantee a spot!  Email lemonlotus@gmail.com

*Friendship Deal* Discount:  Sign up and pre-pay with a Friend and each of you will receive a $5 discount off the registration fee!

**Dress for the weather, bring hiking boots, water, snack if needed, and an open heart!

(c) Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies




Singing with Wolves!

Thank you to my friends for sharing this beautiful link with me…I share it with all of you. Since wolf tracks have been spotted on Mount Hood this past December, we are faced with the extraordinary wonder of Life, of Creation righting itself when we humans get out of the way a little….what is this called, Surrender? DSC_0372

Yes, Surrender! Many of the naysayers comments against wolves fall on my ears as a deaf person, as my family have always farmed around wolves, and made peace with them. There are ways to do this… one of our Family names is Farkas (pronounced Faar-kasch). Wolves are very close to my and our Family heart, our Family named after this close association with Wolves.

The last wolf seen on Mount Hood was in 1947, and my Grandfather Ivan and Grand Uncle were finishing their terms of service in the U.S. Navy. Thankful for these men and their sacrifice, they came back home to a farmland without the howl of wolves. What a travesty in their eyes, my own eyes too. In 1947 my other Grandparents were still living in Hungary. Grandfather Ferenc was still farming ancient family land around wolves.

In Hungary, our Family has always herded and farmed around wolves, the way is clear looking to the future. If they have wild areas and places to live in harmony,  there is greater harmony between man, domesticated beast, and wild wolf. 

As the Wolf is a namesake to our Family, I can only feel gladdened and amazed at their return, and how our Creator has given them a place, to do a certain work, to bring balance to the land.

To those fellow souls who also thrill at the sound of wolves, may we also realize their blessing in the deepest of heartfelt ways, of scientific ways, the ways they were given, in Life, to bring balance. May our hearts listen to truth! May we rejoice and give thanks!


(c) 2014, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

Signes du printemps!

Awaiting Spring makes me think in the words of the beautiful French language. As I tiptoe around the Forests looking for awakening signs, my heart wants to lurch into joy with every little speck I find. Signes du printemps! Signes du printemps! Yes, I am a Forest Madwoman…but of course, am I really ready for spring? Are all my seeds started? Fencing done? No, but my heart is leaping. My hands gingerly hold babies, I love them so, then set them back again to sprout and grow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nourishment and kisses, my breath holding the keys to life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Forest,

Wet With Silence,

Raindrops go Thud,

Every Print left in Mud,

Little Peeping Elder Buds,

Baby Deer accidentally breathing hard on last years leaves,

A Fish goes Splash,

Alder Babies in my Hand.

I am but a Baby of the Forest, and Mother of Her too!

Lover perhaps, all muddy kneed.

No Silence exists in the Forest Alive,

But Wet with Silence,

When I am making More Noise than the Neighbors!


(c) 2014, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH




Accepting Applications for Apprenticeship for 2014!


Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies is now accepting applications for 2014 Planting Love Apprenticeships. Please email lemonlotus@gmail.com if you are interested, and I will send you information…the dates for 2014 are being finalized right now. Interviews will be scheduled for late December and early January. Serendipity Plant Lore’s Programs will start in March 2014!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is a two year program, that may be taken in one year chunks. 2015 will bring changes to the program, of working in an additional year of clinical work.

Planting Love covers the fundamentals of Wild Foraging, Plant Healing, Biological Systems, Botany, and Anatomy, for the Home Herbalist and for the Professional Community Herbalist. This program is geared towards healers learning and having first hand experiences of Plant/Human Relationship, Stewardship, Biology, Wild Foraging and Plant Identification, Ecosystem Awareness, Field Training, Healing Autism and Other Neurological Diseases, Intestinal Health, Emergency Medicine, Immunity, Degenerative Diseases…

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