Hungarian Sausage…Igen!!!!! :)

Gizzards always look like jewels to me! And these have been gifted for a shared sausage making venture from one of our beautiful local farms (more on the sausage in another blog post). These babies are thawing so I can clean them for the making of a very traditional Hungarian Sausage! When cooking, I believe love must be woven into the making. I will write more about them when they are finished! But for now, a memory, as food for me is as much living present, contribution to the future, and memory of old.











When I was growing up, there were many interesting places I would find around my Grandfathers houses. In our Family, when we were young, we lived with Grandfathers and Grandmothers. As I grew older, being a military child, we moved all over the world, but I was lucky enough to return during the summers to stay again with Grandfathers and Grandmothers. So my Great Grandmother Zsa Zsa was a true chicken farmer, on a very large scale (a thousand plus at a time) watched and guarded by her and the dogs. She knew so much about everything, about growing, about sewing, about making…she made just about everything she owned!


And in this growing, raising and sewing, she also preserved everything in ways that required mostly just the cold of the ground beneath the house, things wrapped in cloth, in hay, sand, newspaper, string, covered with afghans. From the ceiling in a dedicated food room, she had meat hanging and sausages. She would have the peppers in strands, and garlic in braids. Dried mushrooms danced on strings, herbs in bundles and paper bags. In the food room, she had stacks and stacks of foods and boxes of jars of home-made things, things I swear are beyond the imagination of what can be preserved with certain olden ratios. Cakes and breads, pie makings, cheese. I am not sure if our modern day recipes really reflect safety and improvement, rather, there is a dependence on appliances instead of Earth. That’s a writing for another day!


So making sausages reminds me of her. Of how, when we make something, it is a celebratory event. It is making love with ones hands and ones heart and ones head and ones senses, ones touch, ones smelling, ones seeing. It is a process of faith that whatever is made will turn out just perfect….because the teaching of the rural mountain dweller is you cannot always go buy what a recipe calls for, you use what is on hand in the larder that you and your neighbors have grown. In these days of wondering what the future will ever bring in our society, I can just imagine my nagy Nagyanya Zsa Zsa’s response! She would have spit on the ground for dramatic emphasis, and she would point to the Earth!


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Home-Made, Hand Made Gluten-Free Zucchini Tortillas!

Sometimes the muse hits, and hits strongly! A friend shared a recipe for some delicious looking Zucchini Tortillas…but it required many extra processed ingredients beyond what we have in our house!
Two years ago, a good friend named Elizabeth Hupe-Olano taught me how to make my own home-made Traditional Mexican Corn Tortillas. They are very simple to make, and far more delicious home-made! So I just shifted the basic recipe traditional tortillas, which do not require much processing just like other flat breads, into this version here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Making your own tortillas, flat bread and fast breads out of wholesome, local ingredients feels so inspirational and brings much satisfaction to the hands. Maybe it is because of being a Woman, I do not know, but I love the feel of dough being worked between my fingers. I know it is an age old craft connection connecting me to all the women in my family, and the kneading is an artform, I know I am kneading our way into nourishment and love!
In this version here, I think this recipe would be very good with some wild spinach, dandelion leaves, chickweed and other plump juicy greens, using a tiny bit of bone broth to plump up drier greens such as kale if chosen instead of or with zucchini. Cooked chard would work magnificently. Chard is one of my favorite greens too, can be made in so many stunning recipes! Chard tortillas, or Chard and Zucchini tortillas.
A tip for cooking tortillas and blintzes, hot iron pan! Hot iron pan!!!!
Here I have a hot iron pan heated with home rendered grass-fed beef fat, ready to go!
This recipe calls for close to two cups of organic oat flour. I get my oat flour from a farm in Corvallis named “Green Willow Grains” and sometimes, I order it fresh ground from Azure Farm. A regional flour grown within a couple hours of my house, I love it!
1 medium zucchini pureed. My zucchini came fresh picked yesterday from the Farmers at Storytree Farm, where I have been blessed to be a member for 10 years!
1 and a half tablespoons homemade baking powder.
Stir and then knead your ingredients together until you have a dough. If too tacky, add in more oat flour, if too dry, more pureed zucchini. Do not put the whole almost 2 cups oat flour in at once, start with a cup and a half, and add more after you have mixed to adjust.
Cut dough into wedges, roll into balls. Roll thin or place in a tortilla press. This home-made tortillas press came from a very close friend as a gift, but you could use a rolling pin as well. Place your dough between a sheet of well oiled wax paper, and press down to desired thickness. I used the same piece of wax paper for all the tortillas, as the dough peels away easy if pulled out gently and the paper has adequate oiling.
Immediately fry up, about 30 seconds to a side, in a very hot iron pan!
Serve with whatever fillings or toppings you desire, or snack on them plain…they are hard to resist!
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Dances with Ferments Behind A Billowing Curtain!

Life has been good, with lots of time in the field with the School’s Students, fellow Herbalists and the budding young Herbalists in our community! It’s been a blessed time of finding and harvesting herbs, of prayers for all, the work of the healing streams that open up as we work with medicines and foods that bring out the best of the life force. These all come with stories, the stories of actual meetings, experiences, and understandings that grow ever larger, ever closer, ever working into the everyday.

Just Monday, my very favorite actor died, Robin Williams. Such a soul and such a light in this world! There is hardly an end to the beauty that this one man, famous or not, shared with the world. In my own family tradition, we remember to always remember the light, and send our respect and our love to the dead. We hold a space in our hearts for those deceased, and while most of us did not know Robin Williams personally, our souls were touched by who he lived to be. He shared love with so many. Many are sharing love with him back. My gift to Robin was to pick up my accordion and play a song dedicated to him, along with sending a prayer to fly up to his Soul. Precious gifts we give, both in life, and in death. We give them from the heart.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some of what we’ve been up to….






Wild Lightening Huckleberry Pie from fresh found goodness!









Jars of ferments from uncertain thickets!!









More ferments going from a friend’s farm!!!









One of the school’s students, and dear friend Erin, surprised me Tuesday with this beautiful hand-made curtain for the consulting room! I am so thankful for the amazing thoughtfulness and sweetness of this gift! I love it and its usefulness adds more ambiance to the consulting room. 🙂 Thank you Erin Harwood!!! Completely heart touching!!! 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





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August Azure Order, Salt Split, Benjamin’s Organic Egg Shoppe, Herbal Teas and Shelter Donations!!!

Hello Serendipity Azure Folks!
It’s time again for our Azure gathering, our August order cut-off is this coming Friday, August 15th at 4 PM with delivery the following Wednesday, August 20th, pickup times from 2-6 PM.
The Herbal and Wild Foods Apprenticeships offered by Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies have been announced for the 2015 year, interviews have already started! If you are interested and would like information about the programs, send an email to lemonlotus@gmail.com
Himalayan Salt Split….$1.60 a bagged lb!
If you would like me to source some pastured eggs to have with your order, please let me know how many you would like!
Benjamin’s Organic Egg Shoppe will have one or possibly two dozen organic, free range, corn and soy free eggs for sale at $6.00 a carton. This is Ben’s little side business that helps support his flock of beautifully loved chickens that he tends. Chickens receive garden pickin’s, hand made feeds, a bit of clabbered raw milk, spouted peas/lentils/radish seeds/misc. beans and scraps from our kitchen, and homestead bugs, snails, wild weeds and nutritious greens.
Second Salmon Payment is Due no later than Monday, August 11th! 
THANK YOU all who donated to Share Shelter AGAIN!!! Let’s go for a new donation round!!! We’ve been keeping this shelter love going for a few years, let’s light some more fires and clean our homes! Ordering an extra can of decent food for the Shelter is an idea that Erin H. came up with a little while ago. Here’s a picture below of some of what was collected and donated to the Orchard’s Share Shelter! Other things we can collect are gently used items for kitchen, clothes, backpacks, hotel samples of hygiene supplies, books and magazines!

Garden Delights Bulk Organically Grown Herbs! Supporting local Herbalists and local Herbal Farms helps to keep money in our communities, provide fresher and stronger herbs than commercially available, and helps to keep local and bio-regional Herbalism alive! Here we have some amazing bulk herbs from Garden Delights, a farm that I highly recommend for ethics and care in the arts of growing and processing. Prices range from $.50 to $2.00. Choose from: Parsley, Chives, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Sage, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Plantain, Peppermint and Thyme.

Serendipity Plant Lore’s Tea Listing! 

hese teas and herbs are highly medicinal, and are extras from my own organic garden and wild forages. All ethically harvested, the exceptions to the herbs that I’ve grown or foraged myself are those like Cinnamon, All Spice, and Red, Black and Green, and Olive Tea Leaves. These are ethically obtained from other Herbalists who have the same great care and ethic. These Tea Herb extras help to support the consultation work for those those in need of receiving free services. I thank you for your support, and hope, in return, you are tantalized with amazing Earth Medicine for your own health care and lovely, compost-able gifts! Some NEW offerings too! Limited Quantities. 🙂


erendipity Plant Lore has beautiful hand grown, hand sourced, sustainable and ethically wild-crafted herbal teas for $7 a box/sack. Each of the tea offerings has been used by this herbalist for many decades to aid health, enjoyment and vitality, recovery from many health problems. They have “lived” with me for so long, they have become part of me, and I am excited to have these offerings which truly support our family and the work as I continue my ongoing education and offering sliding scale consultations for those in need.Choose from:

~Lovin’ Liver Tea (your liver will be happy!)
~Summer Time Afternoon Tea (relaxing and sweet)
~Great Grandmother Gertrude’s Memory Lovin’ Tea (brain cell oxygenating crew!)
~Green Tonic Tune (tuning cells and soul together!)
~Vanilla Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Cinnamon Coffee Substitute (nourishing and coffee like)
~Great Gert’s Cold Hand and Foot Tea (circulatory warming tea for the cold)
~Galloping Gertrude’s Tea (relaxing and locally nutritious)
~Flu Flummox Tea (just befuddle your flu bugs in style!)
~Arabian Summer Tea (a tea to remind you of the smells of an Arabian Love Garden, with plants that touch our center, build up the immune system, and sweep away what needs to be swept away.)
~Shepherd’s Tea! When you want to corral those irksome viral beings and nondescript inflammatory triggers, what you need is a Shepherd to round ‘em up and over the bluff!
~Olive Leaf Tea, an anti-viral, anti-oxidant tea to ward off the minions of Mordor!
~Delicious Radheish Chai!
~Spicy Radheish Chai (inspired by my great friend, Radhe G.)
~Mother’s Milk Tea…to help Mother nourishes Baby Ones.
~Comfrey Leaf
~Dandelion Leaf
~Elder Flowers
~Pineapple Sage
~Garden Sage
~Rue (only to practitioners)
~Shitake Mushrooms
~Chanterelle Mushrooms
~Lobster Mushrooms (seasonal offering)
~More offerings, please inquire and I will check the Apothecary.
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Gulyás Blessings! 
Summer L. Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH
Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies​


“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Chinese Proverb.

Second Fish Bliss Payment Due Now!

Hello Salmon Bliss Fish Community!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This is a reminder that our second fish payment is due very soon! If you haven’t sent payment, please do so today! Due date is August 10th, but extending it out to this Monday, August 11th. If you have already spoken to me about sending payment or have paid, please disregard this notice. If I have already received your payment, a confirmation notice went out to you as I updated the fish ledger.
Thank you everyone for your help with these payment matters so I can get a final payment wrapped up for Iliamna! Thank you everyone for making our fish group so awesome!!!

Gulyás Blessings! 
Summer L. Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH
Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies​

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A Simple Gluten-Free Wild Berry Kasha Trail-Side Recipe!

As simple as it gets!

Turning porridge into a tasty trail side treat or home-made cereal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We could talk about preserving it (dry it thoroughly), but I have to tell the Kasha Truth. It just does not last for long.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Better than a commercial fast food snack!

Start with two cups hulled buckwheat seeds, either raw or roasted. In my opinion, the raw is healthier. Soak your seeds in wholesome water that has a pinch of salt until they sprout their little tails for around 6-12 hours. They will absorb this water and fluff up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next, drain whatever water remains and rinse. Add in a half cup virgin coconut oil, approximately a half cup for two cups of buckwheat, and a half cup or to taste, of coconut sugar or raw honey. Next, add in chopped apples, soaked raisins, raspberries, blueberries, wild berries and nuts (we LOVE walnuts) of your choosing. A dash of home made vanilla extract and a tablespoon of cinnamon and a pinch of wholesome salt. Mix and lay out on your dehydrator trays or an oven tray. Dry at approximately 105 degrees for at least a day. Ready to start eating within 12 hours tho’.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I wish I could show you a picture of the finished trail side Kasha, but it gets eaten up before it is even done drying!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Home made is always best. 🙂


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Northbank Magazine Summer 2014 :)

In these last couple of months, I was interviewed by a journalist and local farmer Anne Lawrence from our local Northbank Magazine! I have to say, it was a joy being interviewed, a new experience for me! 🙂 For people who live in Clark County, this is a fun local magazine with current happenings about local and fun life giving activities. I feel deeply honored to have been interviewed and and the school written about, especially in a magazine that has such a BIG Community Heart! DSC_0395



To read the current issue, click the current cover on the right hand side that says “Celebrate Summer!” Click on the Humanitarian Section on page 22.

Thank you Northbank Magazine and Anne Lawrence and Everyone who participates in activities to build a stronger, more nourished community!!!

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Accepting Applications for 2015!

Program Dates for Planting Love Apprenticeship and Red Cedar Love Apprenticeship will be released tomorrow! If you would like to be added to the student email list, please leave a message here!


Accepting Applications for Apprenticeship Programs with Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies for 2015!

Serendipity Plant Lore is accepting applications for 2015 Planting Love and Red Cedar Love Programs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Interviews will be scheduled from August until December, 2014. Serendipity Plant Lore’s Programs start in March, 2015!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our first year program “Planting Love” and our second year program “Red Cedar Love” cover the fundamentals of Wild Foraging, Plant Healing, Biological Systems, Botany, and Anatomy, for the Home Herbalist and for the Professional Community Herbalist. These programs are geared towards healers learning and having first hand experiences of Plant/Human Relationship, Stewardship, Biology, Wild Foraging and Plant Identification, Ecosystem Awareness, Field Training, Healing Autism and Other Neurological Diseases, Intestinal Health, Emergency Medicine, Immunity, Degenerative Diseases, Spirituality, Working with the Psycho Spiritual Aspects of Plants, Midwifery Herbs and Deathwifery Herbs, Nutrition and the Olde Ways of Unlocking Plant Knowledge handed down through my…

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