Winterweed Love! Winterweed Seed!

Winterweed Love! Stellaria media…also known as Chickweed is nowadays considered a pesky garden weed. Where did this idea come from? Is there any possibility that this new, culturally ingrained idea worked its way into the modern lawn-scape so as to be sold products to fight with it? If you have Winterweed Love or Starlady Splendor…don’t fight with her! Make peace with her, feed yourself for free and glow with the vitamins and minerals she provides! I know I have written and spoken much about Stellaria media, but looking out on this frosty day to a pot outside with fresh greens that mysteriously appeared, I couldn’t help it!Angel Sightings! 001

Winterweed is one of Stellaria media’s common names…because she often appears here and there in winter. In fact…she appears all over the place…from Alaska down to Mexico! She has…what appears as ten white petals…which are actually five petals that are deeply lobed. Her pointy…oval leaves grow in opposite pairs along her stem. A significant identification can be made when one examines her stem closely…there will only be one row of hairs growing along one side. As we remember…that individual plants sometimes have slightly different characteristics…we won’t be surprised when we see a stem that has a secondary hairly line that is much smaller opposite. This may or may not be there…but both are Winterweed. There is another plant called Mouse-ear Chickweed or Fuzzy Chickweed (Cerastium fontanum spp. vulgare) which is fuzzy all over!

Winterweed is one of the seven spring herbs that is used in the Festival of the Seven Herbs in Japan on January 7th…a celebration for the coming spring by eating the few greens that are starting to peak through..combined with rice. This celebration helps to bring health and longevity into the spring season and the year ahead…and it is little wonder! Winterweed helps the kidneys with its diuretic actions and paves the way for better digestion with its slightly laxative qualities. Full of vitamins and minerals, including trace selenium, it is a preferable choice to any bottle of vitamins! To prepare a nourishing infusion…steep one ounce of dried herb to a quart of water for four hour hours or overnight. Strain and drink in the morning.

Winterweed makes a great poultice for rashes and skin complaints as well as rheumatic pains. Helps to bring mother’s milk in and to increase its richness. The whole plant, including the precious seed, is a favorite of chickens and has the added benefit of making chicken eggs most nutritious as well as helping to eliminate egg binding problems in layers if access is regularly included in a free range chicken’s diet. Even the old wives say that chickweed is good for reducing weight, and modern science shows us that she contains fat dissolving saponins. She makes wonderful skin healing ointments, salves and lip balms.

Winterweed especially loves to grow in damp, well drained areas, and especially overturned garden soil/pots and fields. She is numerous, plentiful and free. Her leaves makes great nutritive vinegars, which eaten raw in a salad or tossed at the end of a stir-fry or soup, gently cooked in rice or taken by the teaspoon before a heavy meal is a boon to digestion. She has a pleasing and green flavor, and in this herbalist’s opinion, tastier than many cultivated greens! Did I say that she is free? Giving only to those who find her free spirit and let her thrive when garden plots and pots aren’t in use. She pops in and out with the seasons…here…over there…now here…so let her move where she will…garden when its time…let her live…eat her when its time…and you will have a cycle and circle of Winterweed Love that nourishes and tonifies with Love!

(c) 2011-2015, Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH


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