A Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies Update!

Hello my Dear Readers, Students and Colleagues!1024151048

It’s been such a tremendous year, and the blog hasn’t been as busy as usual. As we head into a new season, this will change with frequent updates! There are lots of new projects in the works, that have been absorbing my time and attention. I can’t wait to share the news!

I’ve been asked to develop an Herbal Internship Program for a State College and I’m working on it! It should be ready by the 2017 Apprenticeship Year!

Because of my passion for making Herbal Apprenticeship with Traditional Skill and Depth available to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in such a program, I have been working on a new Apprenticeship to make available for people with special abilities and physical challenges. The name is Trillium Love Apprenticeship! In this Apprenticeship, we will be one on one or with a friend to help, and will work around whatever age, physical, illness and other challenges students may have. People with Autism and Cerebral Palsy are welcome! If interested, please contact me for information and to set up an interview. If accepted in, we will make a plan for how we will make this happen!

I’ve been made aware of the necessity for a continuing Apprenticeship Program, for those who elect to keep working deeper, and in greater educational levels with healing practices. The Black Poplar Love Program is for advancing Herbal Healers who need to keep current and cover more in-depth topics. The requirements for this Apprenticeship are a completion of Planting Love and Red Cedar Love Programs. The Black Poplar Love Program can be taken concurrently with the Community Herbalist Love Program, or separately, as desired, for continuing education.

From your frequent requests, there is now an Alder Love Program, which is an Apprenticeship Program for children. This program will lay the ground work for a lifetime of self, herbal and environmental knowledge.

As many of you know, I am an Herbal Midwife, doing consultations for specific herbs and nutritional counseling for particular health conditions during pregnancy, as well as an Herbal Deathwife, providing Palliative Care and Pastoral counseling, death transition services at the hospital or in your home. I have updated the area under consultations with more detail on what these areas of expertise consist of. Of course, if you have questions about any of these services, or the Apprenticeships, ask away!

More news! We have a new Herbal Cat added to our family! Cassie the Herbal Cat has been adopted by the Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies! She comes to us with health issues, that we are working on, concurrently with her Veterinarian, Dr. Cornelia Wagner at Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic. We appreciate all the love, and donations shown to Cassie the Herbal Cat, and look forward to sharing with our community her progress as she heals!1024152016b


Mushroom Blessings to ALL!

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Mindenszentek és halottak napja, 2015! (All Saints Day & All Souls Day)

1101151624The sacred life, is one, in which we show up fully, open and aware, in a strand of living, vibrating love. We absorb the teachings as much as we pray for others.

My heart is full, as I share the ways of my family with Herbal Student Alyssa Sperry, and my family.

With love and gentleness, we cleaned the graves, lit candles, and made our prayers.

(c) 2015, Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH

GMO Soy Produces Altered Milk and Stunted Kids Article and an Herbalist’s Response

Whoa buddy! DSC_0565How can anyone believe in God & support such human ignorance at the same time? This should be concerning to EVERYBODY. We carry responsibility in this world for the future generations. We carry responsibility for keeping DNA healthy and flexible. We carry the responsibility for healthy kidneys.

It seems to me, with all of our scientific understandings, the information is used to make a buck. Cause the disease, and then extract money for the cure.

Meanwhile, everyone is arguing about the perfect diet, and everyone’s immune system is being done in.

These symptoms are the EXACT constellation occuring in people and our children.

Our Stewardship of this planet, is starting to look like a massively failed experiment.
It’s about as “anti-life” as it can get.

It is amazing what people will justify!

It’s time to participate in the world and make it a positive place for our future, for your kids, for my kids, for the future children.

Read the link below and comment with your thoughts!


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Winterweed Love! Winterweed Seed!


Winterweed Love! Stellaria media…also known as Chickweed is nowadays considered a pesky garden weed. Where did this idea come from? Is there any possibility that this new, culturally ingrained idea worked its way into the modern lawn-scape so as to be sold products to fight with it? If you have Winterweed Love or Starlady Splendor…don’t fight with her! Make peace with her, feed yourself for free and glow with the vitamins and minerals she provides! I know I have written and spoken much about Stellaria media, but looking out on this frosty day to a pot outside with fresh greens that mysteriously appeared, I couldn’t help it!Angel Sightings! 001

Winterweed is one of Stellaria media’s common names…because she often appears here and there in winter. In fact…she appears all over the place…from Alaska down to Mexico! She has…what appears as ten white petals…which are actually five petals that are deeply lobed. Her…

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