GMO Soy Produces Altered Milk and Stunted Kids Article and an Herbalist’s Response

Whoa buddy! DSC_0565How can anyone believe in God & support such human ignorance at the same time? This should be concerning to EVERYBODY. We carry responsibility in this world for the future generations. We carry responsibility for keeping DNA healthy and flexible. We carry the responsibility for healthy kidneys.

It seems to me, with all of our scientific understandings, the information is used to make a buck. Cause the disease, and then extract money for the cure.

Meanwhile, everyone is arguing about the perfect diet, and everyone’s immune system is being done in.

These symptoms are the EXACT constellation occuring in people and our children.

Our Stewardship of this planet, is starting to look like a massively failed experiment.
It’s about as “anti-life” as it can get.

It is amazing what people will justify!

It’s time to participate in the world and make it a positive place for our future, for your kids, for my kids, for the future children.

Read the link below and comment with your thoughts!

(c) 2015, Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH


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