2019 Serendipity Red Salmon Fish Bliss Order!

A WARM HELLO to all the Beautiful Red Salmon Fish Bliss Group People!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
It’s our 10th year of Red Salmon Bliss Order! It’s time we gather together in anticipation of an amazing harvest from our favorite local Fisherman and Fisherwoman Couple, who head back up to Alaska to fish in their Families Fisher Peoples Co-op!
Still, one of the world’s cleanest and most monitored watersheds, we are blessed with this nutritious and delicious food, in this beautiful world, with the helping hands of all, supporting each other from catch to delivery.
If you wish to order, please get back to me ASAP so I can start compiling information….we MUST have our order gathered by Tuesday, May, 28th, 2019. Please help to keep this organized for the group…..think hard, think fast, and get back to me ASAP! I will follow up your order with payment details!
Our best price discount comes in at 102 share orders. We win, either way!!! TOGETHER!!! Group power supporting our local small fishing boat peoples! Group Price structure will be released to me soon, but in the meantime, lets get this salmon group ordering boat afloat and prepare our orders!
To Order, simply email your order to lemonlotus@gmail.com. I will respond verifying your order, the amount due, and my address. Upon receiving your fish deposit, I will notify you that your order is placed. Our second half of fish payment will depend on how large our group order is, we are shooting for the lowest group pricing available!
Any questions? Send an email! Please be aware, I spend much time foraging and teaching in the field, so please be patient with me as I answer questions and get information out to everyone! Thank you for supporting local and regional wild foods!
Gulyás Blessings! 
Summer L. Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH
Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies​

Growing Serendipity Gardens of Life

Just a little BIG update…

I’ve been away on a healing sabbatical and haven’t barely caught my breath in making announcements and catching up with the community! It’s been quiet for some time on the blog, for many reasons. There is lots of life fermentation happening.


My first announcement is to introduce my Friend, and Fellow Herbalist and Canine Nutritionist Tamara Combs as a Serendipity Teaching Partner! Tamara brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the Serendipity Team as well as her Apiary talents. She is a true Bee and Dog Whisperer!  Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

2020 Serendipity Apprenticeships have been announced!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Serendipity Medicinal Gardens are growing. and after much request, we are thinking about kicking off the summer with a fun Traditional Fermentation and Food Preservation Class. No date has been chosen yet, so stay tuned!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Red Salmon Fish Bliss Announcement is on the horizon for the beautiful Serendipity Red Salmon Fish Bliss Group!

One of my sons is an Apprenticing Bee Herbalist Beekeeper and is looking for a swarm of his own, if you have one or more that need to be removed and you live in or around Vancouver, WA, please send us an email at lemonlotus@gmail.com!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I hope everyone is healthy, happy, whole and well. Forest and Fish Blessings to ALL!!! 


Summer Takács-Michaelson, CH and the Serendipity Many Footed Crew

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Accepting Applications for 2020 Serendipity Apprenticeship Programs!

Accepting Applications for Apprenticeship Programs with Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies for 2020!

Serendipity Plant Lore is accepting applications for 2020 Planting Love, Red Cedar Love, and Black Poplar Love Programs!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Interviews will be scheduled from August until December, 2019. Serendipity Plant Lore’s Programs start in February and March, 2020!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our first year program “Planting Love” and our second year program “Red Cedar Love” cover the fundamentals of Wild Foraging, Plant & Animal Healing Methodologies, Biological Systems, Botany, and Anatomy, for the Home Herbalist and for the Professional Community Herbalist and Animal Nutrition. These programs are geared towards healers learning and having first hand experiences of Plant/Human Relationship, Stewardship, Biology, Wild Foraging and Plant Identification, Ecosystem Awareness, Field Training, Healing Autism and Other Neurological Diseases, Intestinal Health, Emergency Medicine, Immunity, Degenerative Diseases, Spirituality, Working with the Psycho Spiritual Aspects of Plants, Midwifery Herbs and Deathwifery Herbs, Nutrition and the Olde Ways of Unlocking Plant Knowledge handed down through our families own Healing Tradition. There are further clinical apprenticeships available for Community Herbalists, such as Black Poplar Love and Community Herbalist Love Programs, please send an email for details!DSC_0364

These programs will FUN from March through November 2020.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






Email lemonlotus@gmail.com to receive details, dates and registration information!


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