About Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH, the Village Herbalist

Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH got her start thirty-eight years ago in foraging mushrooms as a wee little girl, and twenty-one years ago in Ethnobotanical Studies, and has always had an interest in plants, trees and rocks.  After suffering from cancer, then a stroke, blood clot and heart murmur, she discovered she and her family were living on a hotbed of a Superfund site. In a short period of time, her eldest son developed autism when his blood lead levels skyrocketed to 21.8. As the medicines Summer were taking were not healing, and after 8 months of constant monitoring with diagnostic equipment, she made the decision to wean herself off the medicines and try a more natural approach. This approach saved her life, and within two weeks, according to the MRI/MRV scans, she was clear. During this time she had been consulting with an herbalist, and then began formal studies with her. Her name was Mary Barnes. Since that time, Summer has studied with many herbalists, including Novella Donders, Llyn Zephyr, Susun Weed, Forager John Kallas, Demetria Clarke, Gradey Proctor, Missy Rohs of Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies, University of Kansas, Colorado Mountain College with focus on Biology, Medicine and Psychology. In addition to this list of teachers, Summer is grounded in the Shamanic Folk Healing Traditions of her ethnic Magyar and Cherokee Family, keeping a two thousand year old Healing Tradition alive. Summer believes in the old-fashioned idea of community healing, where we learn from each other and work together to help one another in our communities, and encouraging others to do the same. Her children have healed significantly from their autism (heavy metal induced gut and brain inflammation) and she continues to help when she can in the autism communities and greater community, one on one with people, teaching what she has learned, and opening the way for learning so that others may be able to do this for themselves and others, to keep traditional arts education flowing outward. In addition to working as a Hands On Herbal Healer, Teacher, Clinician, Herbwife and Deathwife, Summer is an Ordained Minister.

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