A Question I Received About Autism, Fibromyalgia and Other Neuro-toxic Conditions!

This blog post was brought to my attention by a friend, and I was asked what I think about this, since a lot of my work focuses on moving people through the healing phases of these conditions. This is not meant as a criticism, for one, but to flesh out some basic healing principles from the global perspective of holistic healing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I agree with her viewpoint in that she is catching on to some basic truths herself and making sense of them, but she also missing the bigger picture in this article. The whole purpose for healing the ROOT CAUSES in gut pathologies, autism, ADD and etc. is exactly that, healing the root causes. There is NO SUCH THING AS GOOD AND BAD BACTERIA. Aha! Not in essence. What we find in conditions of abnormal gut pathology is the inability of the mucosal lining (ie substrate) to support a diverse amount of organisms, such as found in a healthy gut. Thus, we regrow this substrate. The second part of this equation is desensitization and reprogramming of the immune system. Her article is based on a viewpoint of secondary research she is interpreting without the observational analysis of those who actually help people to heal from this whole situation. The problem with reliance on lab tests for decisions and on specialized probiotic formulas is life doesn’t work that way, when the intestine is in a mono-theistic situation, the whole purpose is to heal it enough to move into a poly-theistic position. When one has a poor intestinal substrate, overgrowths of bacteria, good or bad are occurring, that’s the problem. That’s the CAUSE OF THE NEUROTOXICITY. So she got it partially right, and the writer on this blog is very intelligent, but only partially right. Science is good for tearing things apart, but one must always come back to a global perspective on how to put it back together. Furthermore, I am very careful with die-off reactions. I generally choose to move people through a set of them sparingly, and then what I preach, the mantra of “low and slow”. Too many people want to get into the most dramatic of movements, and there is a time for them at certain points. Low and slow and moving the diet in a certain way is the way, because we’re wanting to support the organ functions so they start RIGHTING THEMSELVES on their own.

I can’t cure someone’s liver, for instance, as a healer, researcher or scientist…but I can use science to tear down the variables in a backwards fashion then move the variables together in a changed way to work on the healing of that organ into a new pattern. SCD is an olde diet, with its beginnings between two doctors in the early 1900’s, based on observational research predating that by other healers. It is hard moving folks, in the online communities into the proper purposes of these diets, they are literally tearing apart something to build it back together again. Too many people get stuck on minutia without understanding how the biological system works. In the case of bacteria and neurotoxicity, essentially, that’s autism. There is no such thing as good or bad bacteria. Overgrowth and unbalanced bacteria combined with an extra permeable intestine which releases bacterial toxins into the body, causing toxicity to swirl in the body and nervous system, a depleted liver and kidney capacity, and various degrees of permeable brain/blood barriers and demyelination. We start with breaking down and rebuilding to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

The blog above, the writer has it HALF right, but instead of probiotics being the “cause” she is simply describing the actual process that is HAPPENING. I’m not a big fan of laboratory probiotics because of their lack of diversity. They are helpful for loading for short periods of time until other sources of natural probiotics can be handled and to reduce more dangerous overgrowths like clostridium, strep and candida. Even candida is not bad in itself, has a purpose in dealing with an ongoing toxic condition of acidosis. In fibromyalgia, studies are indicating an increase in intestinal hyperpermeability, suggesting, that the condition of neurotoxicity from unbalanced gut bacteria overloading the body through the gut wall instead of release through the digestive process, IS THE FACTOR CAUSING NEUROTOXICITY. Changing this all around is what we aim to do.

The writer is right, often this causes some temporary bumps, but as keeping with the global perspective, I generally suggest low and slow and getting off the addictive processes of fasting, big healing crisis dumps (some people like to see those continually, I don’t, but a few ARE unavoidable). Remember, setting the stage for healing with low and slow changes, makes it possible for the body, overtime, to do the work of ARIGHTING ITSELF. So therefore, stimulating deep healing is what we’r after, not necessarily hooking into lifelong habits of expensive health products.~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH