Plant Love Light!

I am of the land, and of the land am I.

Produced out of the finest threads,

Silken, weaving, woven praying, spinning light.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, look at the light streaming from every source, in all colors! Here we have a gorgeous Coastal Mugwort, Artemisia suksdorfii. A splendid plant for love and healing. I was drawn to her for a particular reason, without understanding her properties, fully. Across my field she came, bearing her Being. I, not fully understanding what property she was giving, just saw plant. Medicinal plant. Spirit plant. Something to add to the repertoire of Beings that I know in the field. I have become pals with her distant cousins of course, but not her. Artemisia suksdorfii stood up to attention, suddenly the speaking, the carrying of messages on our Dear Earth.

When we speak of the Psycho-Spiritual properties of herbs, we are speaking of that Being in expression, something very Holy coming through. Some people call it Prana, other Life Energy, Vitality, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit and so forth. In each Being, this beautiful assemblage has purpose, and difference, has a specific form of love.

For Coastal Mugwort, she is beautiful, large consciousness integrated with our very Earthen realities. She is love, she is integration, she is courage, she is bravery. She is listening to our dream, our night time, and our day time dreams and she helps weave them all into our daily life. Our daily joy, our daily understanding.  Here she comes, with her grounded understanding of life, of conscious life, of spiritual life on Earth, not an understanding of two separate lives of a spiritual one and a daily Earth one. A sweet love, a fragrance, of the integration of both.


While she is one of the least smelly of the Artemisias, she is certainly extremely powerful, she is Sacred, and helps us tune into that stream!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH