My Grandfather’s Love Forever Lives!

My Grandfather’s Love Forever lives!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We have forgotten something very essential in our culture. Our connection across generations.

Between institutional living, daycare, eldercare, outsourcing our whole lives, we have lost essential connection in our communities.

I feel so very blessed to have lived with my Grandparents when I was young, and to have been shaped by them. They passed on very essential knowledge’s from farming, living off the land, foraging, healing, and a great dearth of knowledge.

As an Herbalist, with my training starting at three years of age, there were times I didn’t understand, and felt very, very different. What I didn’t understand as a child, was how sacred and holy the experience of our previous generations of family.

Now, that I have been thinking about this this week, and the hard sell of industrial culture to our current generation of children, I see how culture is broken when families are segregated within themselves.

This is a bid for love. I am not talking about abusive families here, I am speaking of real tradition that is handed down. My Grandfather Iván taught me the love of working with my hands, and even the most humblest of creations to eat or wear or to decorate our home were honored fully. The simple fully honored, with love. He honored everything I did, my job as a Herbalist is to honor others in the same way, I carry his love forward. 

And yet, I scratch my head, feeling so different growing up was hard to reconcile. How our culture, generally, doesn’t honor the person who cares for others, nourishes others, makes a home for people. Our culture does not honor growing things, or loving others fully, or really, living in deep connection with Spirit. Distilling this out a bit more, our culture, simply, does not seem to honor people anymore. Right to existence must be bought with the selling out of oneself to a paradigm that doesn’t see us as people, living in a shared sacred world.

There was a time, and still is, when people took care of their families, their living and their dead. As  always, when our family gathers, a chair and a table spot is left open for our departed. And we join together in many ways, here and later. Any healer, any traditional herbalist knows this. And over this, we ask for the Blessing.

Blessing over Elders and Young Ones, Blessing of love over our families, great, far and wide, and throughout generations. May one learn about the deeper blessing that lives in our hearts.

(c) 2015, Summer Farkas Takács-Michaelson, CH

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Accepting Applications for Apprenticeship for 2014!

Serendipity Plant Lore School of Ethnobotanical Studies is now accepting applications for 2014 Planting Love Apprenticeships. Please email if you are interested, and I will send you information…the dates for 2014 are being finalized right now. Interviews will be scheduled for late December and early January. Serendipity Plant Lore’s Programs will start in March 2014!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is a two year program, that may be taken in one year chunks. 2015 will bring changes to the program, of working in an additional year of clinical work.

Planting Love covers the fundamentals of Wild Foraging, Plant Healing, Biological Systems, Botany, and Anatomy, for the Home Herbalist and for the Professional Community Herbalist. This program is geared towards healers learning and having first hand experiences of Plant/Human Relationship, Stewardship, Biology, Wild Foraging and Plant Identification, Ecosystem Awareness, Field Training, Healing Autism and Other Neurological Diseases, Intestinal Health, Emergency Medicine, Immunity, Degenerative Diseases, Spirituality, Working with the Psycho Spiritual Aspects of Plants, Midwifery Herbs and Deathwifery Herbs, Nutrition and the Olde Ways of Unlocking Plant Knowledge handed down through my families own Healing Tradition. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This program is suitable for those who want to be a Home and Family Herbalist, but is geared more widely to those who work as Healers, who want to gain experience and knowledge and first hand lessons in being a greater Community Herbalist, and also to augment other fields of the Health Care Profession. Connecting to our own core path and being, in the Field of Green, we move through life with greater inspiration and the development of the tools of experience to be of true service, for the love of plants and facilitating the healing of ourselves and others. A greater opening of the heart, and of wild experiences, the gateway to working through our hearts and the heart of the earth for greater healing.DSC_0364

This program will FUN from March through November 2014.


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH