Singing with Wolves!

Thank you to my friends for sharing this beautiful link with me…I share it with all of you. Since wolf tracks have been spotted on Mount Hood this past December, we are faced with the extraordinary wonder of Life, of Creation righting itself when we humans get out of the way a little….what is this called, Surrender? DSC_0372

Yes, Surrender! Many of the naysayers comments against wolves fall on my ears as a deaf person, as my family have always farmed around wolves, and made peace with them. There are ways to do this… one of our Family names is Farkas (pronounced Faar-kasch). Wolves are very close to my and our Family heart, our Family named after this close association with Wolves.

The last wolf seen on Mount Hood was in 1947, and my Grandfather Ivan and Grand Uncle were finishing their terms of service in the U.S. Navy. Thankful for these men and their sacrifice, they came back home to a farmland without the howl of wolves. What a travesty in their eyes, my own eyes too. In 1947 my other Grandparents were still living in Hungary. Grandfather Ferenc was still farming ancient family land around wolves.

In Hungary, our Family has always herded and farmed around wolves, the way is clear looking to the future. If they have wild areas and places to live in harmony,  there is greater harmony between man, domesticated beast, and wild wolf. 

As the Wolf is a namesake to our Family, I can only feel gladdened and amazed at their return, and how our Creator has given them a place, to do a certain work, to bring balance to the land.

To those fellow souls who also thrill at the sound of wolves, may we also realize their blessing in the deepest of heartfelt ways, of scientific ways, the ways they were given, in Life, to bring balance. May our hearts listen to truth! May we rejoice and give thanks!

(c) 2014, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH