A Sermon by Wendell Berry, Beautiful Light!

If you’re a Farmer, an Herbalist, if you’ve got Heart or want to connect with your Heart, if you’re an Environmentalist, a Liberal, a Republican, or a combination of the Colors Purple and Orange, if you’re a Poet, a Lover, a Contemplative, a Prayerful and Meditative Soul, if you care for More than just instant gratification, especially socially, then this is for you. You’ll love the beautiful, fierce, tender words spoken of this whole hearted Man of Truth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Listen, and then, if you’re willing, bring into contemplation or prayer the question of why the Native Black Willows are dying by the River, and how a Human Being could possibly be healthy. Why are the Willows going? Perhaps, the truths within the children’s book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss isn’t a children’s book. Living Beings pick up and leave, why?

Why have many Farmers sold out their Freedom and Health, themselves? There is always time to awaken, re-evaluate, learn and grow, but only in the presence of self awareness and truth can that ever be possible. That is a very deep religious truth, not an insight of merely lip service.

Is there “justification for the permanent destruction of the world?” What sayeth your own soul?

“The world and our life are conditional gifts.”~Wendell Berry

Why have so many fallen away from this truth, contained within the Gospels?

“In defense of precious things, and in gratitude of precious things.”~Wendell Berry

I agree, that that is what my own life is about, and we are each responsible for our own self awareness and self growth. It takes growing from a perpetual childhood gimmees to move into the beautiful role of Stewardship.

Things to contemplate, life to live, to work with, to be with. Working with all of life in respect. Standing up where you are and do what needs doing, out of your HEART workings, heart lovings, heart weavings.~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

As I’ve always said, the minute we stop standing in our own integrity for what is right, especially to go with public opinion or propaganda, is the minute we have let our-self fall away from Truth. It can always be reclaimed, every moment we are given new choices and opportunities to stand with Life, For Life, in a Pro-Life stance that actually includes all Life, not just human fetuses. THAT is the strongest of integrity. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our children are inheriting this world as we speak. All children are, of all species, or all Kingdoms. Our responsibility to handle all with LOVE is what we have been asked to do, in this time of a conditional gift of LOVE the Creator has given us.


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

The Pushback Against Truth In Disclosure Initiative Is Flimsy and Unethical!

Why should I, as an Herbalist, be concerned about the upcoming initiative in Washington State? Simply, in the pursuit of truth and disclosure. I’m one of those rare old birds who believes in Democracy and Truth, Love and Well Being. Initiatives are nothing more than grassroots proposals for new legislation. Before paranoid fantasies get carried too far afield through the mechanisms of sophisticated thought reform, let us just understand WHAT an initiative is in the first place, then PONDER why so many organizations that benefit from keeping everything hidden, and status quo, are so INVESTED in their machines of persuasion! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many organizations that have direct funding and links with Monsanto are publishing many untruths in the bid to sway minds about why voting for GMO labeling will tear apart farming and health as we know it (which, in the US, are both diminishing rapidly, if we do not take steps now). One of the most common pieces of propaganda, is that Initiative I-522 is poorly written, so therefore, people should take moral high ground and not vote on it.  I would agree myself, that it is poorly written, but I also know it is a start in the direction of sorting out labeling, and disclosing truth of origin on food labels. An initiative, is, after-all  a grassroots proposal that introduces an idea, such as truth in disclosure, to the legislature.

I believe my own individual responsibility is at stake without a truth in disclosure labeling about GMO’s, as I have no choice in the way the system is currently operating, which is affecting so much of the food on my plate.

Basically, all initiatives are flawed by the time they get to the voters, as the purpose of an initiative is to create a spark of motivation in a specific direction. Show me something perfectly written and executed in any other Initiative! That argument is a way to drag one’s feet in the mud. Initiatives are a form of direct democracy. It’s a starting point that diverges from the current norm that can be worked on, instead of inaction, keeping things the way they are without disclosure. I will always vote for transparency, right to know information. Let people decide from there. This initiative is, in its essence, not about GMO’s and their proven or unproven value, it really is about disclosure. Voting for the right to know. It is UNFORTUNATE the exclusions written in this initiative, but that can always be worked on. Having honest disclosure, whether in a small step, or a large action is always a step in the way of truth. Looked at from this perspective, whether people are for or against, at least there is truth to be working from.

~At least there is truth to be working from~

One of the issues that has also been brought up, is that this would put trial lawyers onto farmers, suing them left and right. I am sorry, but Monsanto has been suing farmers left and right, with trial lawyers, currently. Any other information to sway the argument this way or that is patently false. Monsanto is funding this campaign that the initiative is written poorly. Which is a counter stroke that benefits this corporation, as they would rather “provide pre-made laboratory choices” than be responsible and truthful, and have sincere truth in labeling. The thought seed, that this labeling law in Washington will open all farmers to being sued is both true, and untrue. Responsibility is a dangerous thing when it comes hawking back on one’s heels. Monsanto’s the one doing the suing! How is that for ironic?

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH