Signes du printemps!

Awaiting Spring makes me think in the words of the beautiful French language. As I tiptoe around the Forests looking for awakening signs, my heart wants to lurch into joy with every little speck I find. Signes du printemps! Signes du printemps! Yes, I am a Forest Madwoman…but of course, am I really ready for spring? Are all my seeds started? Fencing done? No, but my heart is leaping. My hands gingerly hold babies, I love them so, then set them back again to sprout and grow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nourishment and kisses, my breath holding the keys to life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Forest,

Wet With Silence,

Raindrops go Thud,

Every Print left in Mud,

Little Peeping Elder Buds,

Baby Deer accidentally breathing hard on last years leaves,

A Fish goes Splash,

Alder Babies in my Hand.

I am but a Baby of the Forest, and Mother of Her too!

Lover perhaps, all muddy kneed.

No Silence exists in the Forest Alive,

But Wet with Silence,

When I am making More Noise than the Neighbors!


(c) 2014, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH