A Sermon by Wendell Berry, Beautiful Light!

If you’re a Farmer, an Herbalist, if you’ve got Heart or want to connect with your Heart, if you’re an Environmentalist, a Liberal, a Republican, or a combination of the Colors Purple and Orange, if you’re a Poet, a Lover, a Contemplative, a Prayerful and Meditative Soul, if you care for More than just instant gratification, especially socially, then this is for you. You’ll love the beautiful, fierce, tender words spoken of this whole hearted Man of Truth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Listen, and then, if you’re willing, bring into contemplation or prayer the question of why the Native Black Willows are dying by the River, and how a Human Being could possibly be healthy. Why are the Willows going? Perhaps, the truths within the children’s book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss isn’t a children’s book. Living Beings pick up and leave, why?

Why have many Farmers sold out their Freedom and Health, themselves? There is always time to awaken, re-evaluate, learn and grow, but only in the presence of self awareness and truth can that ever be possible. That is a very deep religious truth, not an insight of merely lip service.

Is there “justification for the permanent destruction of the world?” What sayeth your own soul?

“The world and our life are conditional gifts.”~Wendell Berry

Why have so many fallen away from this truth, contained within the Gospels?

“In defense of precious things, and in gratitude of precious things.”~Wendell Berry

I agree, that that is what my own life is about, and we are each responsible for our own self awareness and self growth. It takes growing from a perpetual childhood gimmees to move into the beautiful role of Stewardship.

Things to contemplate, life to live, to work with, to be with. Working with all of life in respect. Standing up where you are and do what needs doing, out of your HEART workings, heart lovings, heart weavings.~Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH

As I’ve always said, the minute we stop standing in our own integrity for what is right, especially to go with public opinion or propaganda, is the minute we have let our-self fall away from Truth. It can always be reclaimed, every moment we are given new choices and opportunities to stand with Life, For Life, in a Pro-Life stance that actually includes all Life, not just human fetuses. THAT is the strongest of integrity. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our children are inheriting this world as we speak. All children are, of all species, or all Kingdoms. Our responsibility to handle all with LOVE is what we have been asked to do, in this time of a conditional gift of LOVE the Creator has given us.


(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs-Michaelson, CH