7th Year Red Salmon Fish Bliss Order starts NOW!!!

Our 7th Year Warm Hello to the Beautiful Red Salmon Bliss Fish Group and Fellow Wild Foragers, Hunters and Wild Eaters!
It’s our 7th year Salmon Bliss Order! It’s time we gather together in anticipation of an amazing harvest from our favorite local Fisherman and Fisherwoman Couple, who head back up to Alaska to fish in their Families Fisher Peoples Co-op!
Still, one of the world’s cleanest and most monitored watersheds, we are blessed with this nutritious and delicious food, in this beautiful world, with the helping hands of all, supporting each other from catch to delivery.
The shipping and processing costs have stayed the same from last year. Our price has been consistent year to year because we participate with our Fisher Family, to make sure they are supported.
If you wish to order, please get back to me ASAP so I can start compiling information….we MUST have our order gathered and paid by May, 25th, 2016. Please help to keep this organized for the group…..think hard, think fast, and get back to me ASAP! I will follow up your order with payment details!
A Deposit of $105 per each 20 lb Share Box is due in my hands by the order cut-off date (May 25th), the second fish payment prior to Salmon Fish Bliss Delivery!!! 🙂 Feel free to spread this around in your groups, with your families, friends and neighbors!
Please note the change from 2015, we are unable to divide fish orders into smaller amounts for people this year as in years previous, but friends and family can buddy up to make their own fish splits!
To Order, simply email your order to lemonlotus@gmail.com. I will respond verifying your order, the amount due, and my address. Upon receiving your fish deposit, I will notify you that your order is placed. Our second half of fish payment will depend on how large our group order is!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Any questions? Send an email! Please be aware, I spend much time foraging and teaching in the field, so please be patient with me as I answer questions and get information out to everyone! Thank you for supporting local and regional wild foods!

Gratitude of Teapot Love!

This past week, my son Ben, gifted me with these three little teapots, of grapes, pansy and tulip motifs from a neighbor’s yard sale. With so much love in his beautiful heart, he thought of his Mama, and picked something for me that would make me happy. Of course, my love for Ben goes way beyond teapots, but includes teapots and plants too! With so much love he gave his Mom, we found a place of honor for them by making fairy homes for a small collection of air plants that we tend. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tillandsia are in the Bromeliaceae Family. They require mostly love to thrive, but also, bright, filtered light (a windowsill does the trick!), baths in clean, non-chlorinated water (please allow them to dry before placing back in containers), and a very light squirt of fertilizer in the bath water once a month.

Air plants are epiphytes. They do not need the soil to live, but do need structure from other plants, wood, shells, or miniature things (like the pictures above and below) to support their selves. They draw in nutrients with their leaves, feeding on air.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATillandsia is a Native of Forest, Deserts, Mountains and Rock Cliffs. They get around with whole lot of loving! They are angiosperms, which means they are a seed bearing vascular plant. They reproduce by making flowers where the ovules are enclosed in an ovary. While they are not necessarily grown for their flowers, when their time comes for them to reproduce, they have beautiful inflorescence! From the inflorescence, a pup or pups may be born. Sometimes the pups are born at the base of the plant, or along the stem. Some blooms have beautiful fragrances, and some, keep their fragrance to themselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother photo of another unique plant we care for. More than anything, these plants seem to thrive on LOVE, sweet love and care, as everything that is living and vibrant requires. The very fact that they have pups makes them even more exciting!!! What a mothering plant Tillandsia’s are!

Medicinal uses of Tillandsia’s are many, but please know the individual you are working with.  Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss) traditionally is used as a tea or poultice and has analgesic uses, regulates fevers, helps with arthritic diseases, and has been used for balancing blood sugars in those with diabetes, which also goes hand in hand keeping inflammation down in arthritic disease progression. The tips are edible. Tillandsia recurvata (Jamaican Ball Moss) is used to treat cancerous prostate tumors.  Jamaican Ball Moss inhibits molecular targets that are a cause of tumor progression. The tips are edible on this one too.

A more familiar Bromeliaceae to folks is Ananas comosus, Pineapple. In addition to her edibility, she contains the enzyme Bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein. With her high vitamin C and manganese content, she is a very delicious and nutritious fare! I have sprouted pineapple plants by twisting the top on a ripe pineapple, removing any flesh stuck to the stalk, and let dry on a screen for a couple days. Place her in a cup of water, and refresh daily until her roots start to grow. When she’s got roots, plant in a cactus mix soil in a pot. As old leaves die, gently remove them, new leaves will appear. Re-pot periodically as she grows!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of course, having many epiphytes in ones home will increase the quality of air in your home, as they help to sink pollutants. They are night breathers, so do not bathe or mist right before sundown, they get their baths early in the day in my house.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove them, have fun with them, use them as medicine if you know your individual, eat them with gratitude if you have an edible kind, be kind to them, thank them for giving you pure breath, talk to them frequently. Take care of their pups. Keep ’em loved!

Thank you Ben for the inspiration and the teapot love!

(c) 2013, Summer L. Farkas Takacs Michaelson, CH